Sunday, 13 March 2011

We've Been Birdwatching & Badger Chasing & Fox Hunting & Hole Digging!

Hello to you All!

And a Happy Birthday to Steve, save some cake for us!

We have been having really good fun today!

Old Two Legs did as he promised and took us on an Adventure, we've been down to Canterbury and out on the marshes, well, sort of round the edge really.

We left early and packed our food and water into the boot together with OTL's camera gear and binoculars and his Bird Watching coat.

All the way down we were singing songs and asking if we were there yet, just to wind OTL up!

The first bit of the walk was over the bridge, which always has loads of smells drifting along the river, there were smells of ducks and dragonfly's and frogs and weed and rats!

River Stour
A little further on we saw a Long Tailed Tit and for a change it was on it's own, which is unusual as they normally keep in family groups.

Long Tailed Tit
We started off by looking for any signs of life, there was loads, Holly reckons she smelt the foot print of a Water Monster and we made plans to catch it and take it home to The Missus, but OTL said it was Swans Poo and we had to leave it alone. How does he know, he didn't smell it!?

Sniffin for Water Monsters!
A bit further on we smelt Foxes and Greasy Badgers and Holly tried to dig a hole in the bank side but OTL said that if we did that the water would come through and we would have to swim home!

Digging for Foxes
OTL was Here!
We had a good game of tracking OTL, we ran off pretending to chase a rabbit so that we could not see OTL, then we turned around and using only our noses, we followed OTL's smell. We tried doing it with our eyes shut but kept falling into the ditches, so we kept our eyes on the path instead.

It was good fun until we lost him really and it was only when he called us that we realised he had gone up the steps to a bird hide!

OTL' bin Here!
We found OTL!
We must have gone miles around the marshes, we certainly felt worn out by the end of the day.

After a long day like that, you can imagine, we slept all the way back home and most of the evening and even went to bed early.

Who knows, we may be out on another adventure tomorrow and us puppies need our sleep!

See you all soon,


Daisy & Holly