Monday, 24 November 2014

Is That The Sun We See?

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know, when Old Two Legs gets going with his camera, it is amazing just how many shots he takes. Look at today, it was sunny this morning, chilly but sunny. Lunchtime we were down the forest looking for fungi and in all he took one hundred and seventy shots!

OTL says that is the wonder of digital 'cos in the OLD DAYS, which he knows all about, he used to take photographs on a film camera with twenty four or thirty six shots per roll of film and he would only look at taking just one shot of each subject, unlike today, he was taking four or five shots of the same thing but at different angles, depending on the sun etc.

Also, digital doesn't cost you anything where as film cost money to get processed and then printed onto paper!

Lucky OTL, photography has gone down in price!

This morning we were down on the beach and the first photo he took of Holly and me, I had the choice of ten pictures to put on the blog!

This is the one I chose!

One of Ten!
On the beach Miss Snowflake headed for her favourite rock and didn't say anything about the paper!

That's better!
Mind you, after she has finished, there is just one thing on her mind............

Back to the Bag!
OTL emptied her out when he got to the Sea Wall and took this photo. Now, you have just got to work out if she is 'Going Down' a step or 'Climbing up Backwards' or even 'Going up Forwards'!

Answers on a Ten Pound Note please!
OTL spent most of the morning on the computer and making stuff that he had to get down to the carrier. Now, going to the carrier means we get to go to The Forrest!

Holly and I were looking for squirrels and OTL was looking for Fungi!

First Fungi 10" diameter!
This was a 'Huge Fungi' that we almost fell over! We were keeping our eyes open for some of those Fly Things, you know, the ones with red caps with white spots and fairies sit on them!

I see no Fairies, just OTL!
The whole forest was full of fungi, loads of it we had seen before, like the puff balls and little parasol type but we did see these again  and they looked prettier than last time!

Climbing up the trunk!
Talk about climbing up a trunk, Holly was doing her best to spot squirrels and fungi, so to make sure she got a good view, she spent a lot of time climbing up trees!

No Squirrels but I see a Fungi!
This one she found was a sort of Faded Purple Rose colour which we hadn't seen before, so that was another first for OTL!

Faded Purple Rose Colour
Talking of firsts, OTL has only ever come up with a Stag Horn Fungi on a field trip he took last year and the fungi was a very rich yellow and dark orange colour. You should have seen him getting excited about finding a White Stag Horn Fungi in our woods!

A White Stag Horn Fungi!
While OTL was celebrating his good luck, there was a mighty crashing in the forest and this Bozo came rushing up to us with a tree trunk in his mouth. He put it at OTL's feet and woofed at him to 'Throw The Stick'!

OK, now we know that OTL will always join in the fun but we reckon that if he threw it, the Bozo would get to it before it landed and might get a whack on the head for his trouble!

Aw! Come on Throw The Stick!
You know, there are Bozo's and there are 'Right Bozo's' and we reckon this was a Right Bozo!

Coming to the end of our walk OTL hid from the sun behind a tree and took this photo, not bad, but he has taken better!

Autumn in The Forest.
 Before we got to the last gate, there it was, in amongst the fallen tree trunks, a super fine bunch of fungi.

Holly said it was just as good as the first one we saw when we came in, except it was a different type of fungi and it had a buttery colour as well!

The Last Fungi!

Back home OTL headed for the computer and typed in 'Lined Wellington Boots'!

He has finally got fed up with walking through muddy puddles in his boots and now will be striding along in his 'Farmer Wellies', when they arrive!

We just hope he doesn't try walking through puddles that turn out to be small ponds that are deeper than his wellies!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.