Friday, 10 July 2015

Wot a day we have had!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a super day we have had today, loads of fun and some decisions to make!

Let me tell you what has happened!

It started off this morning when we went for our walk on the beach. First of all I went in for a little paddle, well, it was getting warm and I just felt I needed a paddle, just to cool off my bits!

I got hot bits!
Before we knew wot was happening we got a couple of Bull Dogs turn up on the Sea Wall who were very interested in the ferrets!

The first one looked over the edge and said......................

'Hush My Tail! Wot are they?'
Of course. Snowflake, who just doesn't like rude woofers, said, ' We iz Ferrets you pile of Woofer!'

She didn't realise that there was another Bull Dog Woofer who hadn't arrived at the Sea Wall  yet but said........................

Can we have them for breakfast with some Brown Sauce?
Of course, Old Two Legs gave them both a stroke and they almost forgot about the ferrets!

Back home to clear out the ferret house and get them ready for a days snoozing then we were off to the Kent County Show!

First stop was to watch the bird show. There was an Eagle Owl and some Vultures  and a Gyr Falcon that OTL said was Wow!

Gyr Falcon!
 Alun fell in love with a Ford Mustang and insisted that OTL take his picture before he tried to get the salesman to let him buy it on the 'Never Never' out of his pension!

Alun's new car?
 You know it was so embarrassing when he got thrown off the stand!

Poor Alun!

Holly and I found that there were loads of stalls had doggy bowls full of water outside their stalls for us woofers!

We could do with some ice cubes in this one!
 Lunchtime we were in the Members Enclosure having some food and a rest in the shade.

This is the life!
All of a sudden there was this almighty roar as the Red Arrows went tearing over the show ground!

Noisy Jets!
I mean, just as we were getting restful and having a snooze, over they cam again, and again, and again, Gawd Wot a noise!

Why don't they just Woof Off!
OTL offered his lens to Glynis to have a try on her camera and while she was doing some 'Test Shots' he sneaked a picture or two of her!

Don't they look big!
I mean they kept swapping lenses and talking technical!

Boring or Wot!
 It got all funny when Alun decided that he wanted a hat to keep the sun off his bald patch, just like OTL!

Unfortunately there was no mirror on the stand, so OTL had to take a picture of him, just to let him see wot he looked like!

Who's a Plonker then?
 We called into the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue stand and there were two little lady ferrets that kept calling OTL Daddy!

OTL is a sucker for little ferrets with a sweet smile and those ferrets were smiling at him and licking his finger and pulling every trick in the book!

OTL says 'No' but as we left the stand we heard them call out 'Bye Bye Daddy'!

It's called Ferret Maths!

Wot Snowflake will say I have no idea but you can be sure she will sniff ferrets on OTL's finger!

Let's see what happens!

We are off to bed now 'cos it's been a long day and we got to be up early 'cos Archie Babe is coming to spend the day with us and Holly and I have sorted out some seriously good sniffs for him!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!