Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day?

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Did you know it's Fathers Day today? We did! So at four this morning we jumped up on the bed and gave Old Two Legs a good ear licking and a cuddle!

OTL said 'thank you very much', then went back to sleep again!

We were down the Sea Wall early 'cos OTL had a lot to do today, like digging all the weeds out of the back part of the garden and then he had to lay down a layer of plastic bags to keep the weeds from growing back. That is until next year when he will sow the 'Wild Flower Seeds' he got in packets in the kitchen!

Before that he had some fun, well all of us did 'cos OTL was cleaning out Snowflakes quarters and had just put the bowl of fresh water into the cage when Snowflake sort of jumped in and started to 'Dig' the water, sloshing the water all over the place and all over herself!

When she had finished all the fresh water was out of the bowl and onto the floor! OTL started to soak it all up using a towel we use for wiping Snowflakes cage after OTL washes it. Well, the towel was soaking wet and OTL reckons he wouldn't make it to the bathroom without it dripping onto the floor, so, he opens the window in the office and wrings the water from the towel while holding it out of the window, super idea OTL!

That was until we heard a yell from somewhere in the garden, it seems that The Missus was standing right under the office window, watching the birds on the feeders when the water hit her on the head, soaking her, good and proper!

OTL was in trouble!

We legged it pretty sharp down to The Sea Wall for a walk and wait for TM to stop yelling at OTL!

We saw a rabbit on the path but it was just too quick for us, especially as OTL had us on the lead at the time!

This is one that got away!
 The wind was not as strong as yesterday, so OTL tried again with the flowers but even a small breeze can blow the flowers all over the place!

This Daisy had been got at by the insects and you can see where  pollen buds have been opened.

Daisy Pollen.
 This one was good 'cos you can see the pollen on the little sort of stalks, so that when a bee or insect walks over the flower, the pollen sticks to their legs or body.

Mind you, the wind could do just as good a job if it keeps blowing the way it has over the last week!
Loads of Pollen!
When we got back, OTL said that maybe Snowflake wanted a swim, so he filled a tray with water and put it in the cage, this is the result!

 Next she will want to try out the shower or even get a jacuzzi of her own!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake