Monday, 25 April 2011

D&H Guarding

Hi All,

It's us back again, D&H Guarding!

We have been 'On Patrol' all night guarding against Badger and Foxes and 'Things that go Bump'

On Patrol!
 We woofed off a couple of sheep and a rabbit that came to close!

Standing Guard.
 Then we Stood Guard while The Missus and Old Two Legs had a shower and got dressed, 'cos you know those sneaky Foxes are likely to try to pinch your socks if you don't watch out for them!

OTL and Ian took us out today and OTL drove, which was OK 'cos there was no way OTL would change gear with my tail!

We went all around a woodland on the side of a mountain, well it seemed like a mountain on the way back up!

When we got to the top we were all exhausted and THIRSTY boy were we THIRSTY. We drank all our water and half of OTL's as well!

While we were going to next woods, Holly and me crashed out in the 'Day Bed' in the back of the car, we needed it!

I don't know what OTL can see in these woods and stuff but we get to sniff new smells and paddle in muddy ponds!

We've got to go home tomorrow, so I expect The Missus will be crashing around putting things away in cupboards so we can't find them, especially our Easter Chews that Karen & Ian bought us. (They are The Cat People)

OTL will have one more bash tonight to get a picture of the Barn Owl, if it doesn't show up tonight, Holly and me might go in the barn and chase it out!

See you all tomorrow when we get home!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly