Friday, 22 January 2016

Two steps forward, One step back!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret!

We managed to get through the night without any scuffles from Fred and Wendy!

When Old Two Legs went into the office Freddy was on his hammock waiting for his morning tickle and a scratch on the back of his neck!

It was raining in the South East but Old Two Legs spotted a 'Window' on the rain radar and off we went for our walk, without our rain coats!

We got to the Sea Wall and looked up the Medway to see a big rainy cloud heading towards us!

That was it, we didn't hang about, even May said it was a 'good idea' to get back home!

Here comes the rain!
Back home we all headed for our cushions after the cages were all cleaned out and the ferrets tucked up OTL tried to get some work done!

Lunchtime Wendy was awake and in a good mood, you could tell that 'cos she crept up on Freddy, who was tucked up in his hammock, then she gave his ear a lick and backed off. Then she spoilt it, she went back for a second lick, woke Freddy up who then almost fell out of bed! It was only OTL standing there with the door open and his hands out to catch him as he flew out of the cage!

OTL spent some time with them in the kitchen where there was plenty of space to run around. Wendy tried a couple of times to get to Fred's ear but OTL was holding her and he stopped any contact!

Lunchtime we were back down the beach where Fred and Wendy said that they didn't fancy playing bulldozers today 'cos there was rain in the air and they would rather be back in bed!

They did have a walk along the Sea Wall and a dig in the weeds that grew out of the cracks in the the concrete. It won't be long before their claws are trimmed to the correct lengthy, naturally!

Wendy is still almost overawed at the amount of space there was in the world and can't wait until the warm weather arrives so she can enjoy sniffing in the long grass!

There is so much of it!
Walking along Fred and Wendy kept passing each other and at one point, Freddy was Butt sniffing!

Wendy took a couple of dives at Freddy's ear but again, OTL had a tight hold on the lead so she didn't get to him!

That didn't stop Freddy from keeping a close watch on where Wendy was!

OK, where is she now?

Now I suppose you are asking how OTL gets tow ferrets to the beach who, if left alone, would be trying to beat each other up?


Freddy is in the travelling cage and Wendy is clipped to a chain inside the ferret bag! You keep seeing her head popping up over the top to see where we were!

Of course, after all that exercise, she slept all the way back home!

That's where we are at the moment, everyone is snoozing and I'm off to see what is for dinner and if I can get any of it! Ever since Holly went on this diet, muggings have been few and far between 'cos OTL didn't want Holly to get upset seeing me eating and there being nothing for her!

Not that it would have bothered me!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy.