Thursday, 28 June 2012

Taming of The Shrew

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Old Two Legs got up late this morning, too much shortbread last night! That meant that we got an extra half an hour in bed as well!

Down on The Sea Wall the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant has not burst yet, just a small showing of the petal poking out the top!

I see a Petal!
We did see a funny sight, a car parked on an old jetty post stuck in the mud! OTL says the parking around here is terrible!

Parking Problems!
It was a super run along The Sea Wall and the view across the Medway Estuary was very clear this morning!

A Clear Morning!
We met up with a Westie we sometimes say hello to and he showed Holly a super sniff as well!

Yo! Holly Babe!
We went out with OTL to deliver stuff and ended up at the school that Auntie Zoe went to. We stayed in the car and we had loads of children come up to the car and go Oooooooo! And Aren't they Sweet!

I mean, of course we're sweet, it's part of our job description!

After that we were off to another customer who was on a farm and boy! Wot Sniffs! OTL said it was the cattle he kept but Holly couldn't understand why he kept all the cow poo in big containers!

Well, when we have a poo, OTL just picks it up and sticks it in the poo bin!

Next it was off to The Forest for a stroll around looking for squirrels, OTL found some Hollyhocks.

More Hollyhocks!
Then he spotted a Jay up in the tree, but the Jay didn't want to be photographed and any way, OTL didn't have his big lens with him, so we just had to make do with the one he had!

Snooty Jay!
We wandered on and came to a split in the path, Holly wanted to carry on the way we always go but I wanted to try the other path, just for a change, so I did! Trouble is, the path doesn't go on for long, so I had to turn around and chase after Holly and OTL!

Shall we go Left or Right?
We got home and OTL spent some time in the garden cutting the grass that was getting to be a jungle! Poor OTL, he got bitten by loads of bugs that didn't want him messing about with their homes!

While he was having a break to drink a cup of tea and scratch his bug bites, I did my 'I Wanna Go for a Walk' look and once again it worked. The only problem was, I had to wait while he had a shower!

Down on The Sea Wall we found a family sitting on the wall. I knew what was going to happen, so I hid in the grass, it was so embarrassing!

How Embarrassing!
Holly did her normal trick, up she wanders as bold as brass and says 'Here, you got any sandwiches left?'

Here! Got any Sandwiches Left?
OTL found another flower to photograph, he says it's a 'Wild Sweet Pea', I don't know how you can be Wild and still stay Sweet!

A Wild Sweet Pea!
On our way back to the car Holly got all excited about a sniff and started to have a roll in it, OTL got all 'Showy Off' and made her get up, then looking at what she wanted to roll in, declared that it was a dead Shrew, a sort of tiddly type of mouse and one of the Kestrels favourite meals!

Kestrel Take a Way!
I said that it was Holly rolling in a wee sniff that crushed the shrew as it ran under Holly mistaking her for a storm cloud moving overhead!

Holly didn't think much of that and said so and then she called me names and I called her names as well.................................That's when the fight started!

Back home for some chicken dinner and mug OTL for some medicinal shortbread to help calm the bug bites!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly