Saturday, 24 August 2019

Out comes the Infrared Camera and Eric gets thrown out, again!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Remember yesterday when at three in the morning warfare started?

Eric got transferred back to his cage just so we could all get some sleep!

Well, last night they went off to bed around nine. By the time we went to bed there had been no noise at all!

Then, just when we were all snoozy there was a howling scream (Miss Wendy) and a crash on the cage floor, (Eric de Ferret), loud footsteps up the stairs (The Missus in full flight) then a swear word coming from the bedroom (Old Two Legs walking into bedroom door)!


Half past five, now, that ain't bad!

OK, there was still a punch up but it didn't last long and they both managed to get some sleep!

Miss Wendy came out with us this morning and had a good run along the sea shore and through the long grass and of course, she managed to blag a lift in the ferret bag when her legs got tired!

The best bit is sitting in OTL's hand!
Normally when the sun comes out OTL likes to get the Infrared Camera out and have a play, trying to get some strange shots 'cos the infrared light does some strange things!

Yep! It's Infrared time again!
Lunchtime was fun, we took the camera and Eric, just to see what we could do. Well, to be honest, OTL didn't have all the buttons in the right place so most of the photos were a little 'Rubbish'!

Except for the one of Eric!

Infrared does things to my eyes!
So, the afternoon was spent fiddling with the controls of the camera so that when we go out tomorrow we should get some reasonable shots, providing it's not cloudy or rainy!

Of course, if the ferrets behave themselves we will also get a good nights sleep!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!