Friday, 11 May 2012

It Hurt!!!!!

Hello Woofers!

Damaged Daisy & Happy Holly here again.

That's it, I'm never going near that vet's place again!

Every time I go there I get hurt, if it's injections, operations, stitches out, I get hurt  and come out with something on me that is sore!

In we go, Holly gets zapped and up comes her number and Old Two Legs makes note of it.

The vet calls out my name and in we go, Holly stays on the floor, I get lifted up onto the table, get the 'Once Over' with probing fingers and cold stethoscope on my tummy!

Then he gets out this enormous great needle on a syringe, it looked the size of a drain pipe! OTL had to hold me while I got stabbed with this monstrous weapon of war!


It HURT so much that I struggled in OTL's arms and no matter what he said, I still struggled.

That's the last time he's doing that to me, if I see that vet again I'll bite his bottom and pee on his boots!

To add insult to injury, OTL had to pay them more money, he was not a 'Happy Puppy' either!

By the time we got home it had stopped hurting but the spot was still sore, so OTL left off brushing me on that part of my shoulders.

Our lunch time run down on the beach was fun, the sun was out and it felt good!

Both Holly and I were running around,
 laughing at everything!

 Even OTL was laughing as well.

Just shows you what sun shine can do!


Later on, we had to go out delivering stuff and as a treat, we went in the big car, more space and the seats are softer!

We ended up at The Forest and had a surprise as we went through the gate. There was a notice on the fence telling us that we will have to share our forest with some Highland Cattle!

The Notice
Now don't get us wrong, we don't mind cattle, but, if the cattle start chasing the squirrels it will mean that they won't come down to the ground for us to chase!

Not that would worry OTL, all he wants is to take pictures of the flowers!

More of Them!
Until they arrive we will still keep on chasing them, when we can find them of course!

Watching for Squirrels!
Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy (with a sore shoulder) & Holly!