Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy Birthday Archie Babe!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly ,Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

First of all a Big Wet Slobbery 'Happy Birthday' to our mate Archie Babe! A whole two years old!

I remember when we were two years old, little young whippersnappers we were getting into all the trouble we could!

Just for Archie, we have got a present here for him and Holly's been guarding it!

Happy Birthday Archie!
There now, doesn't that make your mouth dribble!

Now it may be Archie's birthday but down here it's grey and cloudy with very little sunshine at all!

A Little Bit of Blue!

We went on our morning walk, and again had to leave the ferrets at home, they are not happy about that and Mr Brambles is kicking the water bowl around again!

You know yesterday, Mr B started the kicking bit, so Old Two Legs took it out and put the bowl on the floor, Mr B jumped out of the cage and ran over to where OTL was resting his fingers on the bowl, Mr B jumped at it and gave it such a kick that water sloshed everywhere, all over the carpet and OTL's hand!

So, OTL still reckons it is too wet and damp out but has had an 'Idea'!

That normally is good for a laugh!

OTL has decided to get a carry bag designed for ferrets so he can take them out and if needed, pick them up and carry them in their bag! This is a picture he got from the web site.

A Ferret Carry Bag with Padding and Harness Clips!
Now, OTL may look a bit of a tart with it over his shoulder, but at least the ferrets will be safe and dry!

Who knows, he may even have it under his coat just to keep it dry if it rains and to stop other Two Legs from pointing their fingers at him and laughing and calling him names!

Now all this talk of 'Going Out' has made Snowflake spend time rattling the cage and coming out to chase OTL and the 'Cat Tease' which Snowflake thinks is great fun! So, OTL says to Snowflake, 'Fancy a run out?' and before she can say another word, she was packed up and in the travelling cage!

Mr Brambles stayed asleep or pretended to be asleep! He didn't move a muscle, not even a twitch of his whiskers!

So, OTL left him alone and off we went with Snowflake for a walk.

Well, Snowflake is not a great lover of cold, wet or windy days and we had two out of three, it was windy and colder than the office, so she stayed in OTL's pocket until we got to the beach!

This is NOT ferret weather!
 Even then she was not too happy about walking and spent a long time sniffing the air.

I Sniff Woofer!
What she didn't realise was, she was sniffing us! In the end OTL had to pick her up and quick as a flash she was back in his pocket snuggling up and keeping warm!

Back home and Mr Brambles woke up long enough to have a chat about the beach and then he was back asleep!

If it is sunny tomorrow I think we will all be going out down to the beach again, now that will be fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.