Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snowflake in verse?

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Now I know that in some places on this internet thingy wossit, Snowflake has gained some sort of notoriety, I mean, pages of Facebook stuff all talking about her but I mean, she is only a ferret that has fallen on her paws!

Now I am told, she has an 'Ode' dedicated to her! A Ferret Ode! You can read it in it's entirety on Sams Blog :-

An absolutely super little ditty on the trials and tribulations of 'Ferret Finding'

Holly says that Snowflake could do with some 'eau de ferret toilette'!

I think she has a 'Warm Musky Sniff' about her myself, Snowflake that is, not Holly!

Being Sunday, we all had an extra hour in bed, except The Missus who was up at the crack of dawn to get a card or two put together before breakfast!

We went for our walk along The Sea Wall but on the way there the Heavens opened up and the rain just poured down. We thought that it was going to be a very short walk and a wet one but when we got there it had dried up!

Here comes the sun!
 Holly said that she was not sure it would stay dry and kept looking towards the horizon!

I'm not too sure about that rain!
Old Two Legs said that the clouds were going away from us but Holly was not convinced 'cos as she says, 'She doesn't Do Rain and Wet Stuff!'  

There goes the Rain!
I thought that it would be fun to chase after the ball and instead of rushing into the grass as normal, this time I tried to bury it the sandy patch on the beach, just to wind up OTL!

I bet he won't find this one!
What I didn't count of was Holly saying to OTL, 'It's on The Beach!' She can be a real Sneak sometimes!

A bit further on she was getting worried 'cos she could see another shower over on the Isle of Sheppy, but OTL said that one would miss us, and it did, just!

Look, there's another one!
 Back home we got served 'Doggy Scoff' but Snowflake got a big bowl of Raw Chicken, just as she likes it!

Lunch time the sun was shining again but there were still some showers on the wind, well Holly said she could sniff the rain on the wind!

I had a brilliant idea and while OTL was fetching the ball off the beach I told him of my idea!

Hey! Let's take Snowflake out for a run!
We got Holly over and told her about my idea and she said it was about time Snowflake got some fresh air!

Back home OTL got Snowflake dressed up in her harness and we called The Missus to get her camera and take some photo's of us all!

Snowflake was a little worried 'cos she hadn't been to the football ground before but we said it was where we went as puppies!

So, before long, Snowflakes carry cage was put on the ground and the door opened up. Slowly, very slowly, Snowflake came out of the cage and said, 'It's Big out here!'

Wow! It's Huge Out Here!
 Holly and I got let off out leads and went for a chase while Snowflake took a look around. She was a bit nervous 'cos there was so much space! She said it looked like you could get lost before ever reaching a fence or bush!
Does it go on forever?
 Holly came back and said we should all go for a run around the field but Snowflake whispered in her ear that she was a little scared and wanted to stay close to her cage, just in case.

I'll stay here if that's OK and I've got the squeaky toy as well!
 Holly said she understood and said she would keep a watch out for other doggies and Pussy Cats!
Thanks Holly!
 We had some fun with Snowflake running around the carry cage and shiffin the grass. Snowflake said it was a bit soggy under her paws and this green stuff tickled her tummy!

It was then that Holly forgot that Snowflake wasn't a dog and had a quick sniff.

 It made Snowflake jump and she ran back to OTL and said that Holly was sniffin her tail!

OTL! Holly just sniffed my tail!
 With that she dived back to her cage and dragged her blankets back in with her, just so she could feel safe!

I feel safe with my blanket!
 Holly said she was sorry but it's a sign of friendship really!

It was then that OTL put Snowflake on top of her cage and she had a look around the field.

I can't even see the edges of the field!
It wasn't long before the battery ran out in TM's camera and she didn't have a spare one with her! So, back home we go and Snowflake had a slurp of Ferretone, just as a celebration of her first trip to the field.

We will go back again and then she will get more used to the open space! So watch out for more outings for Snowflake!

Who knows, maybe Sam will make another poem about it all!

If you go down to the field today,
your in for a big surprise,
If you go down to the field today,
you won't believe your eyes,

You know, summat like that!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.