Saturday, 25 January 2020

Miss Wendy's Birthday!

Hello Woofers

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Today is Miss Wendy's birthday!

It was back in January 2016 that OTL took Freddy along to Harrietsham Ferret Rescue to see who would like to come home with him after loosing Wilma.

The first little girl that came out was Wendy who, in true girl fashion, she screamed at Freddy and tried to bite his butt!

Freddy just turned around and went to sleep!

Miss Wendy was thought to be around a year old and had a crinkly ear, a brown tooth, wobbly butt and a thick neck!

That was it, she came home with us and became super friends with Freddy until he passed on leaving Wendy on her own. That didn't last long 'cos young Monty arrived and was instructed on how he should behave to a little girl!

It started off with her screaming at him!

Sadly Monty left us and once again Wendy was on her own until Eric was introduced to her. Now Eric was kept in a separate cage with Miss May 'cos they didn't get on with Wendy and Monty and after Miss May left us we were left with two cages and two ferrets that have spent their time trying to attack each other through the cage bars!

Well, you know the story and after six months of careful monitoring and screaming from Wendy, Young Eric and Miss Wendy settled down to a comfortable life with each other in the same cage and cuddling every night!

So, after that history lesson we decided that Wendy was a year old plus the four years she has been with us.

We got us a five year old lovable, cuddly little girl with a crinkly ear and brown tooth, a wobble butt and a thick neck!

Somethings never change!

So, now here comes the song, after seven,   Five, Six and a Half, SEVEN!

Happy Birthday Miss Wendy,
Your Butt is all Bendy
Your ear is so crinkly,
but we all love yooooo!

There you go, another birthday and she is still bouncing around, chasing Eric and giving Old Two Legs lots of Licky Kisses!

As it's her birthday, Holly and I let her have our Chicken Strip, which she buried under the blanket!

Wendy loves exploring in and out of the drawers!
 OTL normally brings up the ferret milk but that doesn't mean that she can't slurp the last of OTL's breakfast!
It's Naughty but Nice!
 As a birthday prezzie OTL left a Chicken strip under the lip of the bowl and it didn't take long before she found it!

Hello, Hello, wot's this I sniff?
 Of course, there is always the morning slurp of Ferretone and as it's her birthday, she got an extra slurp!
Three cap fulls, must be my birthday!
 After the Ferretone it's back to the milk bowl, just to wet her tongue!

There is still a bit in the corner!
 After she finishes there is nothing left, however, it doesn't stop her from looking for the last drop in the bottom!

OK, I give up, it's all gone!
If it wasn't so grey and misty outside we would have taken her and Eric out for a walk but they both declined saying they would rather stay warm and cuddly under the blanket!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.