Sunday, 22 April 2012

A New place To Walk!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a day it has been today, from when we first woke up to now just as we are going to bed it has been a super day.

First of all we went on our morning stroll along the Sea Wall, Old Two Legs saw a Dunnock on top of a bush and took a quick picture, shame the bird wasn't looking at OTL, but it was good to hear him singing, the bird that is, not OTL!

We wandered along the beach and Holly found the left over from last nights party!
Empty Bottle.
 It is a real pity that they don't clear up the empty bottles after they finish with them. Sometimes we find these bottles broken and I wouldn't fancy standing on the broken glass!

Holly was playing 'Hide n Seek' with OTL. She would hide in the plants growing along side the path and wait until OTL whistled and called out for her, then she would jump out woofing and laughing at the same time!

This morning she had got the 'Pickle' in her!

Ho Ho Woofin Ho Ho!
Then we would run off ahead of OTL again!

We both hid in the grass and Holly said that the clouds were looking pretty today, so we lay on our backs looking at the clouds.

Pretty Clouds.
OTL finally caught us up and told us were we 'Mucky Puppies' for rolling in something smelly!

I'm sure he didn't believe us when we told him we were just looking at the clouds!

Later, when we went out again, OTL stopped the car in a new place. Then taking us across the road we arrived at a new walk!

This was part of the Sea Wall defence system we have around here, just waiting for the once in a lifetime storm!

A New Walk!
It was good searching out all the sniffs, there were doggy sniffs and duck sniffs and goose sniffs and sea gull sniffs!

There were So Many sniffs we had trouble keeping up with OTL!

Wide Open Sniffs!
While we were investigating some Foxy Sniffs we noticed that OTL was wandering around looking at the clouds, seems he has found a new interest!

More Stormy Clouds!
Holly found some feathers on the ground and after doing some examinations declared it was the last remains of a Black Headed Gull.

Mmmm, Smells Like Gull!
 When we got back home, we found The Missus packing ready to go off to do some overnight baby sitting.

We didn't mind too much 'cos that means we will have a good time with OTL, singing songs and telling jokes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly