Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dancing between the showers!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

It has been a day of showers and cloud!

We were out this morning walking along The Sea Wall and although it wasn't raining it was getting close!

Old Two Legs was waving the camera about and pointed out that is was very clear weather conditions and he could see the wind turbines and the Thames Forts in the distance!

We can see for miles!
You know, it was that damp, OTL started taking pictures of the rain drops!

Rain Drops
Now that has just got to be desperation creeping in!

Back home we had a snooze after breakfast then Holly decided that we were being attacked by puppy eating monsters, so she and I raced around the garden woofing and snarling and growling until Holly gave the 'All Clear'!

The F1 racing was good, except that Jenson or Lewis didn't win but it was a good race and no rain!

The lunch time walk was fun, we jumped from the car and went chasing after the family of rabbits that live close to the car park. We chased them all through the bushes and then the undergrowth, it was a bit of bad luck that I missed getting one that had a bad leg and was limping towards the rabbit hole and fell in just as I arrived, running at 100mph!

OTL was busy photographing a couple of bugs on the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant.

Bugs on the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant!
 Holly started to bark, then she went into 'Serious Bark' then into 'I am really going to get upset Bark', so, OTL had to give up with the bugs and find out what she was doing.

There she was, standing on the side of The Sea Wall, woofing at a couple of Two Legs who were sitting on the wall preventing her from walking along the wall as she normally does!

Woof, WOof, WOOf, WOOF!

OTL shouted 'Enough', which is the sign that he wants us to stop woofing, Holly was just about to woof again but she turned her head towards OTL, took one step forward........and fell off The Sea Wall onto the beach!

Everyone laughed, except Holly, who looked most put out!

A bit further along the beach we saw another Two Legs sitting on the beach taking pictures of the sea, nothing else, just the sea, and he was playing with glass filters, like wot OTL does when he wants to get all 'Posh'.

Holly didn't woof at him 'cos the sea was close and she didn't want to fall in there!

Then it was back to the insects for OTL, the wind was blowing and the flowers were waving about all over the place, so the bugs had to hang on tightly!

Wot you doing Mr?
 OTL had the same problem with a fly who was wandering around a flower sneezing, except the fly was trying to eat the nectar but the pollen kept of getting up his nose, so he was sneezing!

OTL asked if he could hang about while he took a photo but the fly seemed more interested in trying to find his hanky so he could blow his nose!

Back home before it rained again and settle down to a snooze before mugging OTL for some of his dinner!

Next week it is going to be busy, OTL has got a load to do, AND we are off to the Kent County Show on Friday!

Loads of sniffs there!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly