Monday, 28 April 2014

Another Estuary Morning!

Greetings Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

You know, sometimes The Missus and Old Two Legs leave us behind, and it's not right! Like today, they just upped and disappeared in the car, but I'll tell you more later!

First thing OTL, the ferrets and us went off to The Beach for our bit of exercise on the sand. It was a little dark to begin with but the sun was shining on the sea and OTL said it looked 'Ethereal' , what ever that is!

Ethereal? Wossat?
Mr Brambles had asked me to teach him how to Line Dance and you know me, being an expert, I was only too pleased to help!

One thing I have found out, a ferret doesn't know his left paw from his right paw!

There was I trying to teach a simple 'Step & Kick' with the right paw.

I gave up counting the number of times I showed him, look, this is your right paw!

Right Paw, Lift And Kick!
No, no, No, This is the Right Paw, Step & Kick!

This is the Right Paw!
Mr Brambles just couldn't get the fact that he was kicking with his Left Paw 'cos he was kicking the same side as me, but in mirror!

Holly started off laughing but even she got bored in the end and said that we should sing out 'Step & Kick' and not mention left or right!

Come on, Forget Left and Right, just Kick!
I must admit, in the end I was glad when OTL said we should be heading back home, it gave me a good excuse to stop teaching!

We had some fun sharing sniffs with the ferrets on the way back to the car and we introduced Mr Brambles to the 'Rat Wee' and the Vole Wee and he showed us some Grass Snake Poo!

Yep! That's Snake Poo alright!
Back home we had hardly got our noses into the food bowl when TM and OTL headed out the door, taking Both Cars with them!

About an hour later they returned with just the small car, the big car was having it's MOT!

OTL had a big bag of Bird Seed over his shoulder and a big bag of Peanuts in his hand, also for the birds!

Holly and I stood guard by the back door to make sure that no other Peregrine landed in our garden to scare the birds or attack OTL!

Lunch time we were out again and we found the Two Legs who cuts the grass charging about on a small tractor with some grass cutters on the back, Scary!

Mind your Claws Girls!
 The wind was getting up and although it wasn't cold, it was blowing the waves about a bit!

Is there a Storm Coming?
OTL stopped to have a chat with a couple of Two Legs who had a Bearded Collie on a lead. We couldn't see his eyes, so we weren't too sure if it was friendly or not, but OTL said 'Hello' and tickled it behind his ears and soon he stopped woofing at us. Mind you, Holly and I stayed well away from him, just in case!

You know it takes two hours to brush me!
He had such long hair, Holly said that she wouldn't like hair like that especially as you couldn't see where you were going!

OTL got the Ferret Travelling Cage out and set it up so the ferrets can have some time inside playing with it so they are used to it by the time we go on holiday!

Once again, off TM & OTL went and picked up the big car without us! We had to sit by the window and wait for them to come back, it was Soooo Booooring!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but we plan to have some from each of them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.