Friday, 16 September 2011

A Two Walk Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We have had a super day with a not so super end!

It started this morning when The Missus took us for our morning walk over the fields, we had a woof at a Labrador who got the wrong end of the stick and thought we were being rude, so we stopped woofing and hid behind TM!

Back home for a brush and breakfast (chicken & biscuits), then a snooze in Old Two Legs office.

Near to midday we did our 'we wanna go out' trick and he fell for it! I suppose the pile of stuff to be delivered did help as well!

First of all we stopped off at the New Park.

I was chasing the ball in and out of the water and providing OTL didn't throw it too far in I was able to get it out. You just can't trust OTL, he threw it too far and I was struggling to get it.

It's too far out!
Then along came this big hairy Retriever who already had one ball in his mouth, he went in and picked my ball up as well!

Get Me Ball Mister?
I chased after him and tried to get the ball back but he said it was a case of 'Finders, Keepers'!

Aw! Come on, Gissma Ball Back Mister!
OTL, being the crafty Two Legs that he is, called to him and pretended to throw something in the water, the Retriever dropped both balls and went looking for whatever OTL had thrown in the water!

That was it, I got my ball back and OTL picked up the other ball and threw it in the water so the Retriever could jump in and get it!

Sneaky or wot?

I Got My Ball Back!
A bit further on we met Monty a super little Labrador that OTL fell in love with 'cos he used to have a Labrador called Mutters. His real name was Sandy but he was always known as Mutters to everyone!

Monty Dog!
After the walk we went on to deliver all of OTL's stuff and headed for home.

We had spent some time asleep on the seats and decided that we wanted another walk before we got home. So, sticking my nose out of the window, I caught the smell of The Farm! So we bullied OTL until he pulled into the car park!

Yes! A result!

We went on our normal path along side the woods, then we turned up the hill and onto the field where they had grown wheat this summer. Only when we got there, the wheat had all gone and there was this super sniff all over the place!

OTL has a very bad sense of smell  fact it has almost gone.

Holly decided to have a roll in this super sniff. While OTL was chasing Holly to stop her rolling on the ground, I just could not help myself, I just had to have a roll as well!

OTL spotted the tractor down the end of the field, the tractor with the big tank on a trailer, the tractor with the tank on a trailer full of cow poo that the farmer had just been spreading all over the field!

Tractor & Trailer full of Super Sniff!
We honked, we were walking in a haze of smell, it sort of surrounded us like a force field!

When we got home it was straight into the kitchen and a sink full of doggy shampoo. After OTL had dried us and brushed us so we looked super smart, he got out a spray can full of doggy deodorant, it was horrid!

I preferred the cow poo, at least it's natural!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly