Friday, 22 April 2011

A day with The Missus

Hello Woofers!

We have been having a restful day with The Missus 'cos Old Two Legs went out on his own to a Birdy Site that does not allow dogs!

That is terrible! Just pictures of boring birds and no doggies!

Yellow Wagtail
Well, we sat outside the caravan and woofed at the sheep, then we got hot and went inside the caravan and woofed at the sheep. Then we went outside and woofed at TM to go for a walk and woof at the sheep!

A relaxing day!

When OTL came back, we went out for a walk and I found a feather, Holly wanted the feather, I said no, she said yes, so we had a 'discussion'!

Feather Fun!
On our way around the field, we woofed at the sheep again!

It was super watching the sun go down, no blazing sunset but pretty!

Sunset in Romney!
Tomorrow, OTL has promised that we can go out with him down to see the sea and run on the beach and chase sea gulls!

Can't wait for that!

Early night tonight just so we can wake them up early!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly