Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Snowflakes New Hobby!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Old Two Legs was awake early this morning, he had to get up and attend to Holly, she wanted to get up on the bed but it was still dark. Well, it would be at three in the morning!

Once OTL is awake he never really gets off to sleep properly again and of course, when the alarm goes off he is more awake than normal! Up he gets and off to the office for his morning exercise.

Mind you, not everyone is happy about that!

The ferrets were complaining that the Mary Celeste makes more noise, since OTL mended it, than it ever did before!

Holly reckons it is OTL who is making the noise, not the  Mary Celeste!

Our walk along the Sea Wall was very pleasant, very little wind, not very cold and dry!

We met up with Max and Oscar who of course were all over OTL like a rash!

We Love OTL!
 One of the problems OTL has with Max & Oscar is that when they jump up to greet him, they always seem to have wet paws, so OTL ends up with wet trousers!

That will teach him!

Back home we were entertained by Snowflake playing around with OTL's camera. You see, he had left it on the floor while he was clearing up in the office and Snowflake said that this camera stuff is no big deal, she could do just as well as OTL!

So she had a go!

Say Cheeeeese!
She told Mr Brambles to 'Get into the middle of the floor' and 'Strike a Pose'! However, Mr Brambles said he felt all embarrassed tarting around in front of the camera and really he preferred Landscape shots!

Snowflake got all 'Huffy' and said that she was an artist and she 'Painted With Light' and Mr B had better get his tail into the middle of the floor or she'll sort him out!

You know, the more she told him off the more embarrassed he became and I don't suppose it helped having Holly and me telling him to 'Stick his Tail Out!' or 'Bristle Yer Whiskers!'  or 'Show us Yer Butt Big Boy!'

I'm Shy!
 In the end Snowflake gave up and flounced off saying 'She can't work with Amateurs!' Holly and I burst out laughing and we both went,........... Oooooooooo!

Poor old Mr B, in trouble again, I don't suppose he will get a cuddle tonight when they go to sleep!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr (I'm a Star) Brambles!