Friday, 18 July 2014

Mr Brambles Birthday Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

We all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Mr Brambles this morning, except The Missus who said she was too busy!

Boo Hissss!

You know what? She didn't even make him a card!


Mr Brambles said thanks all around and had fun opening his presents. Now, Mr Brambles is a bit like Holly. Number one priority is a full tummy!

Number two priority is knowing where the next full tummy is coming from!

Mr Brambles was well pleased with the packets of Nibbles we all gave him and Miss Snowflake even gave him a pack of her favourite  'Chicken Sticks that not only taste wonderful but clean your teeth at the same time!

Holly and I gave him a pack of Ferret Nibbles that we know he loves and they also stop 'Hair Balls'!

Old Two Legs gave him a new bottle of Ferretone, all to himself but he said he would share that with Snowflake!

We were about to go out for our walk when the heavens opened up and with the accompanying Thunder and Lightening, it poured down! OTL was considering postponing the walk for an hour but after breakfast, it all cleared up and with the sun poking through the mist, off we went!

After the Rain, the Sun!
The tide was in but we all decided it was possibly just a little too rough to have a swim and not exciting enough to have a paddle, so we all went off sniffing sniffs and woofing at the other doggy's out for their walk!

It;s a bit too rough for me!
This morning we, Holly and me, went down to the vets and we got stabbed, again!

I was feeling a bit scared but when that vet stuck his head out of the consulting room and called our name, well, that was it, I snapped!

Holly was trotting towards him, so was OTL but I was Nose Down, Tail Up and all four legs rigid and skidding across the lino tiles!

I know it wasn't too painful and I know it is in my best interest and I know that OTL loves me, but.......................I HATE THE VETS!!!!!!

Back home to find the ferrets asleep, full tummies and an empty packet of Chicken Sticks!

I know they wouldn't have scoffed them all, so we reckon that they have stashed them away for later!

We all had a snooze until lunchtime when OTL had to go out 'Delivering' and he also said we would go down The Forest 'cos it's just too hot in the sunshine!

Well, that's OK by us, a trip in the big car with the air conditioning and  high up so we can woof at all the woofers walking by!

Down in The Forest it was a lot cooler than in the direct sun shine, so Holly and I got down to some serious sniffing and squirrel hunting!

I can Sniff Squirrel!
We managed to chase a few squirrels but they were up the tree trunks like a Greased Ferret!

And you know how fast a Greased Ferret can go!

Me, Squirrel Spotting!
As we came to the end of the walk we bumped into the Heeland Coos who were having a munch on the bracken.

Holly said that she could hear crunching going on but couldn't see any coos! The coos thought that was a great joke and called back that they were hiding from little dogs 'cos they were frightened!

We knew they were joking really!

Spot the Heeland Coo hiding in the bracken!

Back home the ferrets were chilled out on the cold block under the blanket and Mr Brambles was playing in the water bowl by scooping the water out with his paws!

So, there may be some more thunder and stuff tonight but we don't mind that, it's the Whizz Bangs we really don't like!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr (I'm 5 or 6 Today) Brambles.