Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Training Hard for The Olympics!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Another 'Super Hot' day today. We have been lazing by the pond this morning watching the insect life come and go.

We have seen a pair of Red Darters, a Four Spot Chaser, two Damsel Flies and loads of other small buzzing things. The birds have been coming down for a drink and a quick wash and brush up!

Old Two Legs took us down The Sea Wall again and we were practising our running along the beach.

We started off with the 100m Hurdle Race and we used the breakwater as hurdles, it was jolly hard work running in all that sea weed and mud!

Neck and Neck over the last Hurdle!
As you can see, we were neck and neck for most of the race but I just managed to get ahead at the last few metres and come in first!

Over the Line!

Of course, after the finish I just had to do a Lap of Honour!

Daisy 'The Bolt' wins again!
The next training session was the 200m Dash, which I won, paws down, 'cos Holly was a bit puffed out from the hurdle race!

Easy! Easy! Easy!
OTL was playing with his camera and managed to get a picture of a Four Spot Chaser!

Four Spot Chaser.
Holly said that at the speed they fly around, they should be in a race. OTL said that they were racing all the time, to catch bugs to eat!

I Spy With My Thousand Eyes...........Dinner!
When we got back home, guess who had to have a bath to get rid of the mud?

Just a little Grubby!
I was happy to leave it to dry and then have a roll around to get it all off my fur, trouble was, OTL didn't see it like that!

Early to bed tonight 'cos we're hoping to get to see the Highland Cattle tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly