Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Another seriously hot day

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you!

Wot a another seriously hot day it has been. Old Two Legs went out today and didn't take us with him. His excuse was that he would have left us in the car for too long and we would have shrivelled up like a couple of prunes before he came back! We think he was exaggerating a little but we gave him the benefit of the doubt this time!

So off he went and we stayed behind with The Missus. She took us for a long walk along the Sea Wall again and we said hello to the Fishermen who were waiting for the water to come back in. Holly went along all of them checking if they had any sandwiches left, but they had eaten all of them earlier and she then began to show off!

TM said that as we had been good puppies while OTL was out, she would buy us a present!

That made Holly a bit happier and she stopped showing off!

On the way back home, she stopped at the Co-op and got two carrots, one each!

That was super, Holly and I chewed them all the way home!

OTL has also got us a super prezzie as well, it's a water bowl designed to have water in it and be used in the car. The water does not slosh all over the place every time he goes around a corner, it stays in the bowl. Me and Holly think that will come in handy when we are off on holiday!

Tomorrow we are off out and OTL thinks he may even get a dip in a swimming pool, if he's lucky. Trouble is, I can smell rain on the wind and I think he will get wet without going into the pool!

Holly and I have got bets on when the rain will arrive, I say eleven and Holly says two in the afternoon.

Let's see who is right!

Off to bed now 'cos we still have a lot to do before Saturday, I've still got to pack and so has Holly.

OTL has been getting his stuff out and laying it on the bed for TM to pack in the caravan.  Holly keeps hiding in his stuff and TM keeps picking her up together with his socks and shirts!

Trouble is, Holly weighs a lot more than a few socks!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly