Friday, 31 August 2012

Small and NOISY!

Hey Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

Old Two Legs got up late today, poor thing has been working too hard. He reckons that by bed time he should be up to date. So that means we will get some adventures this weekend, Squirrels, Rabbits, Rats, Woofers and maybe a Badger!

Well we got plans the get him over The Farm where there are some very long walks across the fields, that's providing it's not raining!

Today has been very sunny and a bit blowy. The wind was whipping up off the sea and blowing all the insects out of the air and into the grass and onto the path!

OTL spotted this Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly on the path, Holly wanted to give it a bonk on the head to stop it moving, just like she has done with rabbits!

Small Tortoiseshell
Then she said that it looked like it was suffering from dandruff!

OTL told her to leave it alone, so off she went chasing a Dragonfly!

It was then that we heard a load of woofing noise, well, more like yapping and when we found out the source we both had to laugh. It was a little dog with ambitions to take over the world!

What a noise and what a funny thing!

Holly looked sideways at it and did one of her WOOF's and the little doggy ran off!

As Holly says, 'That'll teach him!'

WOOF off Shorty!
I spotted a strange looking sight, it looks like a tree was growing out of the mud. Holly said it was really a fossilised tree that has been exposed by the tide.

Fossilised Tree?
OTL said it was a stick someone had left on the beach. Well, we will find out tomorrow when the tide has exposed some more. Who knows, it maybe the start of a fossilised forest!

Fossilised Daisy!
 Holly said that if I went and stood in the mud I could become fossilised by tomorrow!

Lunch time it was getting a bit blowy as the tide came in and the waves were breaking over the breakwater.

Autumn winds a coming?
Then Holly spotted some big ships looking like they were going to run over a sailing ship! We stood and watched but all was well and every one missed each other, just!

This is going to be Tight!
While we were all watching the ships, Holly whispers in my ear, 'Fancy a Swim?' but it was too cold for me so I told her to jump in instead!

You can take a jump as well!
As we got back to the car, there was a funny sound coming from the sky and OTL had a look then started taking photographs. He said there was a fly past of old WWII planes and he thinks that there were three Spitfires and one Hurricane plus a modern looking one. Still, it made him happy to see them, pity they didn't fly in a circle around us so he could take some more pictures!

Fly Past for OTL
Back home for a snooze in the garden then up to OTL's bed for a pre dinner snooze!

See you tomorrow and with a bit of luck we should have some squirrel skins to make a hat for Trevor!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly