Monday, 2 July 2012

We've been to Pets 'R' Us!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been very naughty girls today! In fact we have been extra special naughty girls!

This morning we were having our normal walk along The Sea Wall, Old Two Legs had gone wandering off ahead of us to find the Thistle Thingy Plant to see if any more blooms have come out.

The Bugs have moved in!
Holly and I were just wandering along, 'sniffin the sniffs' when all of a sudden, carried by the wind, came this super sniff that said 'Find Me!'

Holly and I went diving into the long grass and finally found it, it was super, I mean Really Super!

So we both had a good sniff of it, then we had a good roll in it, and then we had another good roll in it!

OTL went Ballistic!

Holly had it all over her shoulders and head, she had even got a good smear under her chin as well!

and a Little Dab Behind The Ears!
 Her collar was caked in it as well, just so she could have a sniff later on!

I went for the 'Splash it all over' look. Just like 'enry Cooper!

Splash it on all over!
I even managed to get some on my collar as well!

OTL Went Super Ballistic!

He called us all the Smelly Nelly's under the sun, then he called us a pair of 'Honking Hounds' !

It was about then that he cut our walk short, put us on a lead and headed back to the car!

We were made to stay in the back with all his tools and not move until we got home.

We had to go in via the back gate and I was tied up out side in the garden while Holly got a good scrubbing!

Then it was my turn, I got scrubbed from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail and there was no place that OTL missed!

When OTL had finished I smelt like a 'Tarts Handbag'!

We were not in OTL's good books!

This afternoon OTL said that we could go with him as long as we stayed clean and smelling like wot dogs should, I was going to tell him that dogs don't smell like wot we were smelling 'cos it's not natural but Holly said that maybe I should keep my trap shut in case we got into more trouble!

Out we went to The New Park and we went for a good long run, I was chasing the ball, then managed to loose it!

Do I look Goood or Wot!
Holly was playing safe and only had a sniff at all the sniffs on the side of the paths, she was playing the 'Little Miss Goody Two Tails'!

Holly said that she felt that The Watchers were keeping an eye on us!

They are watching us!
When we went past the cattle, we woofed 'Hello' but they just told us to keep Moooving!

Keep Moooving!
When we got to the Swimming Hole I asked OTL to throw the ball for me but he said that as I had lost it I was out of luck!

So, as there was another dog swimming out to fetch his ball, I asked if I could have a play with his ball.

Oi! Can I play with your ball?
Holly said I was chancing my tail 'cos there is no way he was going to share his ball. She was right, he told me to woof off!

On our way back to the car we met up with a couple of doggies and one told us of this super sniff he had found and was having a good roll in it. He asked us if we wanted a share!

Hey! This is Goooooooood!
His mate whispered that it was not a good idea as our OTL was giving us the old 'Hairy Eyeball'!

I wouldn't if I were you!
We got back to the car without getting into any more trouble, so OTL stopped at our favourite shop on the way home! We got some chews and some doggy scoff and Chicken Strips, (our Favourite) and shampoo (we used the last of it this morning!)

So, we think that OTL is going to keep an eye on us for the next few days regarding the Super Sniff!

It is difficult being a puppy sometimes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Sniff-less!)