Saturday, 4 April 2015

Getting Better, we think! And 150 Ping Pong Balls!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, today, what can I say? First off it was a bit cold, a nasty little draft coming from The North! Even the ferrets didn't want to hang about!

Miss Snowflake was in and out of the sea weed like a shot!

OK, I'm Back, let's get a move on!
Mr Brambles didn't go near the rock pools and instead almost beat Holly to the top of the hill!

Old Two Legs got all excited about a Curlew who was marching up and down on the mud looking for his breakfast. Holly said that the Wormy Men had got all the worms!

All I want is just One Worm!
A couple of Black Headed Gulls were mooching about on the rocks but we didn't stay for a chat, it was too cold for that!

Well, they didn't stay long!
Back home The Missus had got up and was feeling better, we know that 'cos she was making a card and sploshing ink about with a White Wash Brush!

Mind you, it didn't last long, she was soon back in bed saying she felt 'Wobbly'.

We are not too sure if she is still infectious and can OTL get The Bug?

Lunchtime was no better really, the wind was still blowing and there was some rain in the air as well!

The tide was in and the waves were crashing about on the shore!

Definitely the day for being tucked up in a warm place!

OTL has been complaining of a 'Ticklish Cough' and a head ache, but no sore throat, so we reckon he has still escaped the flu and was just looking for some sympathy!

We have left him to carry on with his new printing machine and trying to sort out ten good picture but the colours don't always come out the way he wants and he does get ratty when that happens!

Now, OTL was reading some stuff on one of the Ferret Forums and someone recommended that a box full of Ping Pong Balls would be great fun for a ferret to go 'Swimming' in.

Now, he has a box big enough, so, all he needs is the Ping Pong Balls and he located them on Amazon, One Hundred and Fifty for just £7.50!

Well, that was it, order placed and we expect them to turn up Friday of this week, subject to Royal Mail service!

We are looking forward to seeing the ferrets playing in that lot and if they don't like it, Holly and I will!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Ping Snowflake and Pong Brambles!