Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Today is for Relaxing!

Hi Fans!

D&H here!

We had a super night, no burglars or noisy cats, just a super peaceful time cuddling our rawhide chews and listening to Old Two Legs snoring.

Well I think it was OTL, mind you, it could have been Holly!

We had a little bit of a lay in, 'cos you see it's The Missus that gets up early and makes so much noise that we can't sleep. However, OTL is a late sleeper and we get a few extra minutes to wake up properly!

Having TM away has it's benefits, until it comes to breakfast time.

There we were, expecting chicken or liver or lamb in our food bowl and what did we see this morning?

Doggy Food!

Yuk, YUk, YUK!

It's going to be a hungry time until dinner tonight!

Holly and me spent most of the morning sitting at the window looking at the world go by and at the same time keeping an eye out for TM in case she decided to come home early and feed us some proper food. When she didn't, we went back to sleep in our day beds and snoozed until lunch time.

Still waiting for The Missus!
Around midday we went out with OTL to do the deliveries and post some stuff. Then he says, 'where now girls?'

The New Park!

It was a little windy but we didn't care, the sun was shining and we also said 'Hello' to the Not Neddies!

Hello Not Neddies!
For some reason they were not pleased, a couple came over and said 'we don't talk to little puppies and another thing, we are not Not Neddies'!

We are not Not Neddies.
Well that was it, Holly got right upset with them, fancy them acting like they own the park!

Watch this, she whispered to me.

She got up on the post thing and called out to the Not Neddies, 'Hey, you lot'!

Hey, you lot!
When they looked over Holly shouted back, 'Your right, you aren't Not Neddies, your a load of rude Not Not Neddies'!

And with that, she blew a Raspberry at them!

Your a bunch of Not Not Neddies!
Off we ran, laughing at the Not Not Neddies for being so rude and in the end only looking foolish, that'll  teach them!

We went for the long walk around the orchards and came back via the swimming pool. We said hello to some of the lads there but didn't hang about as OTL was getting ahead of us up the path!
The Lads around the swimming pool.
After all that running about we were tired little puppies and we slept most of the way home. Looking forward to our chicken tonight, OTL has promised!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly