Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Instructing The Girls!

Yo! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

It hasn't been a bad day weather wise, well not down here anyway!

This morning we went out for our normal walk with Snowflake and she insisted on having a cuddle in Old Two Legs arm until we got down to the beach, then she jumped down, scuttled off into the sea weed for a wee and then headed off to the grass for a sniff!

She was in a good mood today and even chased Holly along the top path and making ferret noises that translated into 'I'm coming to get you!'

Not that Holly was bothered 'cos she knew Snowflake was having a game!

Back home OTL was again in the shower trying to find all the places where water could get out and into the ceiling downstairs. The up shot was, no shower this morning and a smelly OTL!

By the time lunch arrived, OTL had filled every hole and gap he could find, except the plug hole!

So, we now have to leave it for twenty four hours before turning on the water and checking the ceiling!

 Claws crossed!

Lunchtime we were out again and May and April were all excited about looking at the sniffs again.

When we got down there, there were some clouds over Essex and we just couldn't decide if they were heading our way or not and if they were rain or thunder clouds. In the end we decided there was no thunder and only a small chance of rain!

It can't really make up its mind!
 May was in amongst the sea weed looking for the Big Slimy Monster but as she has never seen it, she was a bit worried about the size, I mean, a small monster you can deal with but a big one is another story!

Are these Monsters Big?
April said she was getting Too Tired to Walk and could OTL give her a lift? We all knew that she just wanted a cuddle and OTL being a big softy, picked her up and she got a cuddle all the way to the sniffing ground!

Go on, Gissa a Lift?
May was all excited and dashed around sniffing at everything and she remembered what I said about leaving some sniff for later! She also pretended to be a Grass Snake but instead called out that she was a Clover Snake!

Look, I'm a Clover Snake!

Once she got over her excitement I gave her instructions on how to follow the sniff along the path and how the rain can make sniffs go all soggy at the edges!

Now, pay attention, this is important!
 We were doing very well but we got interrupted by the arrival of a Westie who was more interested in getting a nibble of a ferret!

We soon put him right and made sure he knew that these ferrets were 'Honorary Woofers' and he should keep his nose out of the way or he could end up with a pair of Ferret Fangs in his nose!

Just a little nibble?
Back home OTL sat down to the paperwork again 'cos it is the 'VAT Quarter' and that means he has to pay out money, not one of his favourite jobs!

Now we are off to see what there is to mug tonight, we hope it's not salad again, salad is not Doggy Food!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.