Monday, 10 June 2013

Snowflake gets The Pickle in her!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Wot a grey old day it's been today. We got up and stuck our noses out of the back door then decided to go back to bed!

We were enjoying our 'After Wake Up Snooze' when we heard Snowflake chuckling away in the office. Old Two Legs was in there throwing Snowflakes squeaky toys around and she was going potty rushing about collecting and stashing them in her travelling cage!

OTL was also cleaning out her 'Top Floor' where she has her food and water and one of her beds and a 'Play Box' made by OTL out of a cardboard box!

He had removed all the stuff and was brushing up the spilt food when she came rushing up from the floor below and just flew at the cloth OTL was using to wipe the floor.

Don't Worry, I'll Kill It!
She grabbed it and gave it a really good shake, then looked at OTL, who thought she was going to give his hand a good shake as well, so he withdrew his hand from the cage at a lightening speed, unfortunately he banged his hand on the cage door and now he has three very sore bits that have only just stopped bleeding!

To help cheer him up. Snowflake showed him how she can stand on her head!

Look OTL, 'On Me 'Ead!
 I don't think that helped too much so she decided to help him eat his breakfast of Rabbit Food, well, the milk really!

I 'LOVE' Milk!
We went off for our walk down on the Sea Wall and Holly said she was not feeling too good, a bit of an upset tum we think. What is worse, it has put her off her food! Still, knowing Holly, it won't be too long before she is back again!

Mind you, it didn't stop her chasing after a rabbit she saw!

As we got closer to the car, OTL spotted a fox looking at us! We missed it 'cos there was some tall grass between us and the fox, however, we shall be keeping an eye open for him in future!

Sneaky Mr Fox!
We were a bit late with the 'Lunchtime Walk' it was more like very late afternoon walk but at least Holly said she felt better!

Feeling Better all the time!
She proved that by having a run and chase along the path and even took some interest in rabbit droppings, what even turns you on!

We hear that Archie lad has been back to the vet (not good) and has got himself a collar fitted so he can't worry his sore spot (horrid things!) but we're keeping our claws crossed that it is only some brambles that have scratched his back.

Put on a brave face Archie lad, we're all rooting for you!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Pickles 'R' Us!)