Thursday, 10 November 2016

Holly Gets a Present!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Well, we have some good news! Last night Miss May was snoozing her tail off in Eric's bed!

Eric was sleeping on the floor!

This morning when Old Two Legs looked in on them Eric had climbed into bed and was sleeping on top of the blanket while May was sleeping under the blanket!

As I'm typing this May is back in Eric's bed but Eric is up in the hammock!

It's all getting closer! We just hope he gets to cuddle up for a snooze before he has to go for his operation on his 'Dangly Bits'!

Another thing about Eric, today is his last day of being confined to the cage, tomorrow he will be taken out for his first walk!

We are looking forward to introducing him to a load of new sniffs and then there's the sand and the shells and the grass and the woofers and..............well, he's going to be amazed!

We remember Freddy just sat there on the grass and kept on saying 'There's Just So Much!'

After yesterdays rain and howling gales it was a pleasant surprise to see the weather had calmed down and the wind had stopped blowing!

A Calm Morning!
 We had some fun sniffin' the beach and Miss May tried a little 'Rock Climbing'!

I also call this ''Bouldering'!
 We met up with Bert who we haven't seen for ages and he was so pleased to see Holly that he gave her a kiss!
OK, but no Tongues!
 Back home to a bowl of freshly cooked chicken and then off to bed for a snooze while OTL plays about on the computer!

A Warm Bed, a Bonio and a Full Tummy!
 Lunchtime there was a hail storm over the house and we had to delay the walk but it soon passed and we were off chasing the sun!

Who needs a Yellow Filter?
 Holly and I found some sand that was calling out for a good dig and we both had a great time digging!

OK, My Turn, My Turn, My Turn, My Turn, My Turn, My Turn, My Turn!
 We found another sniff and even young Freddy came along to share!

Come of Girls, share the sniff!
 Now, you know how upset Holly gets with all these nasty Whizz Bangs? Well, today the postman arrived with several packages. There was a box of Ferretone for the ferrets and a box of bits for OTL and a package for Holly Godwin!

Well, we weren't expecting any deliveries so OTL helped us to open it and inside we found a super Magic Dog Collar that you put on when your feeling a little stressed. Like when there are Whizz Bangs or if you have to go to the vet or get visits from strangers!

There was no letter or card to say who sent it and Holly said she hadn't ordered it and the ferrets say they hadn't ordered it either!

All we could find was a post code on the back for Royston.

We were still puzzled until The Missus came in.

She told us that her FaceAche mate called Jassy had read about Holly's troubles with the Whizz Bangs and she had said she was sending 'Something To Help'!

How Extraordinarily Kind!

A Big Wet Sloppy Lick for Jassy!

The Whizz Bangs have all gone now but the package says it is good up to March 2018 so we will keep that in the drawer for the next load of Whizz Bangs!

Mind you, Holly has said that she could loan it to OTL the next time he has to take one of us to the vets so it will keep him calm while they put his credit card through the machine!

OTL needs all the help he can get!




Well, she hasn't woken up yet either, so claws crossed and we hope she let's him stay there!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.