Thursday, 30 May 2013

Guess who is in the Poo Again?

Hello Woofers!

It's us here, McDaisy & MacHolly.

Now, you know how much fun we doggies just love to have, you know, chasing wolves, bears, Nargles and Rabbits? Well, this morning Old Two Legs was up long before we normally wake up 'cos he was off to photograph the eagles and he wanted to make sure we got a walk before leaving us.

If we had gone down our normal path, there would have been loads of rabbits to chase and he knew that we would be off after the sniffs as soon as we were off the lead. So, what did he do? He took us on the New Road into the forest where the sniff of a rabbit is rare! This of course was just so he doesn't have to chase us all over the place when we ignore his commands to 'Come to Heel', whatever that is!

Look Sis, Here Be Rabbits!
Today, not only did we sniff some rabbit but we saw three rabbits doing a 'Fast Exit' into the trees!

That was it, down the cliff face we went, through the undergrowth and into the trees, howling and woofing as we went!

Do you think we took any notice of OTL? Too right, OTL was the last thing in our minds! We were all over the place and it was only when we decided that those pesky rabbits had really disappeared that we considered going back to OTL, who by now was getting all steamed up and going red in the face from calling and whistling for us!

He Does Go On So!
We had to jump over some very yucky ditches to get back, well, I did 'cos MacHolly found a short cut back across a tree trunk that had fallen across the ditch. I caught up with OTL but I was, as OTL said, a 'Really Yucky Puppy' in need of some serious washing!

Well, Just a Little Grubby!
The washing was left to The Missus 'cos OTL jumped into the car and went steaming out of the gate and off to his eagles in the sea!

We spent a lazy day with TM who spent most of the day either making cards or snoozing!

I thought that snoozing was our job!

OTL came back later on in the afternoon with some pictures and as he says, nothing brilliant!

OK, it's a Bird, but does it taste like Chicken?
That was because there were too many people on the boat sticking their heads in front of his lens when the eagle came down for the fish!

When he came back we all went out for a walk along Loch Torr and he took some more pictures of water and flowers, Boring, Boring, Boring!

Then he took one of us, on the lead 'cos we got in trouble again and TM just didn't trust us!

Guess Wot?
This one was funny 'cos he had to go down into the ditch to get the tripod and camera down low enough to get the right angle! Poor OTL, it was wet and muddy and damp and Yucky!

Boring and a Mucky OTL as well!
Both MacHolly and I called him a 'Mucky Puppy', well, it makes a change for us to be clean and him to be Yucky!

On the way back we had to do some shopping in Tobermory, so, we decided that as it was sunny and we were on holiday we should all have an ice cream and guess what?

MacHolly Licking The Last Lick!
Yep! We shared OTL's cone 'cos TM wouldn't let us near hers!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly