Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sun and Fun on Friday

Hi Woofers!

D&H back again on a wonderfully sunny Friday.

We had an early walk with The Missus, across the fields, said hello to the Neddies, woofed at some workmen messing around in the Youth Club yard.

That was until one of the men started up a wood cutting saw and scared the tail off Holly!

You know, I've never seen her move so fast down the path! Warp Factor Three and a Bit!

Auntie Sheila came over to play at cards with TM, we think Auntie Sheila is the 'best', 'cos she lets us out for a wee when OTL & TM go out in the evening. So she gets a big lick from both of us when she comes here.

Lunch time we went into see Old Two Legs in his office, Holly stood behind him and woofed a couple of times and I did my 'Can we go Walkies' look, it never fails!

Before long we are down on the Sea Defence Wall again enjoying all the sniffs we missed out on yesterday!
New Sniff Here!
 Then we went along the beach where normally the water covers it and we can't get there.

Another New Sniff!
It was great, new sniffs everywhere, Holly even found a cockle that got left behind the last time the tide went out!

Then we saw it!

It was like Dragons Teeth sticking out of the shingle, all ready to bite you if you got into them!

Something to keep the neighbours out!
OTL said that they were very old, even older than him! He also said that they were there to 'keep the neighbours out', why they couldn't just put a big door there I don't know!

We had a good game and got back before the tide came in. Holly and I were playing 'Hide & Chase', one of us would hide, then when the other got near, would jump out and chase them up the hill!

Betcha can't see me!
See if you can spot me in the vegetation!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly