Friday, 30 September 2011

Hey, it's Friday!

Hi all you Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

Another super hot sunny day!

Old Two Legs took us out first thing this morning and we decided to go to The Football Field 'cos it was closer than the fields where we normally walk and Holly wanted a wee urgently!

OTL took his camera with him, the film one, and was waiting for the sun to shine through the trees and show all the sunbeams through the mist, trouble was, there was very little mist this morning, so OTL didn't get his sunbeams!

Maybe tomorrow, if there is enough mist?

We had to stay with The Missus today because OTL had to go out. It was a bit sad sitting there waiting for him to come back but TM said we could go to the Sea Wall for a walk if we stopped whining  for OTL!

Well that shut us up in double quick time and before long were were on our way.

As soon as we were out of the car we flew around the corner to catch the rabbits off guard, but all we found was a note pinned to the burrow which read 'Gone out for the day'

So we had to play ball with TM along the sea wall.

As the tide was in we had a little paddle and a lick of the water, but it was too salty for us!

We had been running around, so, it was good that TM had brought our drinking bowl with us, full of new water, we needed that drink!

When we got back we both collapsed onto the sofa and had a good afternoon snooze until OTL came back.

He tried to sneak in the front door without us knowing, fat chance, we were all over him as soon as he opened the door, a good woofing hello and a big wet licking from both of us!

It's chicken tonight and it is a toss up if we eat that first or mug OTL for some of his gammon.

Decisions, decisions!

We had a relaxing evening, I managed to mug OTL for some shortbread and Holly spent some time sorting her chew out!

We watched a Harry Potter film this evening and now that I have made some notes, I'm going to try a few spells on the rabbits and Hissin Chrissy!

I have to find a wand first but I think there was a feather in the garden I could use. It's not a dragons quill, more a pigeons tail feather but it should still do the job!

I'll let you know what happens!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 29 September 2011

TM is Back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you on a super sunny day!
We had some fun last night, what with all the singing and joke telling we stayed up too late and over slept this morning.

Normally we wake up around five and go for a wee and a walk around the garden before rushing up stairs to Old Two Legs bed, give him a 'good morning' lick then curl up for our 'after get up snooze'.
Not this morning, we didn't wake up until six thirty and only then because OTL woke us up!

We had a run across the fields and also a run in the football field, just to wash the soil off out legs by running on the wet grass!
When we got back home The Missus was there! We gave her a good 'welcome home' lick and a cuddle, then got a rub down with the towel 'cos we were still wet and soggy!

After a brush we got our breakfast, chicken and biscuits, our favourite, followed by a super snooze on OTL's office!

OTL has told us he will be going away soon on a course to do with his photography, in preparation, he has got to get his camera insides cleaned by an expert cleaner. So today we have been down to see him and take OTL's cameras to him. That means we only have the 35mm film camera, so there are no pictures today!

After doing all our delivery jobs we went for a walk down by The Lakes, which was good fun, especially when after paddling in the lake and getting all wet and damp, we crept up behind a couple of Two Legs who were laying down in the sun. They had their eyes closed, we know that 'cos when we stopped to have a sniff, water dropped down from our chins onto their tummy's, I've never seen a TL jump so high or scream so loud, we reckon she was asleep!

We just woofed and ran off!

The rest of the day was spent snoozing at home and moving in and out of the garden to the coolest place we could find!

With any luck we might go down to the seaside tomorrow, if OTL is not too busy!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A day on our own with OTL

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

It has been a funny old day today, The Missus got a call early this morning and announced that she was going over to The Boys house for a couple of days. Seems like Thomas has got himself a cough and cold and is not feeling very well. So, she is going over there to look after him until he feels better.

That means we are on our own with Old Two Legs!

We had our morning walk and a game with the ball, even if Holly spent most of the time sitting on her bottom!

Then we came home, had a nibble and went up to the office where OTL was trying some macro photography.

Macro means small, just in case you were wondering!

He spent some time trying to photograph a seed that he had picked off our coat while he was brushing us. Now, this seed had grown hooks so it could hang onto any animal that passed by who was hairy, like us and rabbits or foxes or even Badgers!

These hooks would hold the seed for a while until it dropped off later on, clever little seed or wot?

Strange Seed with Hooks!

If I told you that the whole seed, including all the hooks was no bigger than four millimetre diameter, you will see just how close he has got!

Well, we were very interested in what he was doing, especially as he had pinched our tennis ball to mount the seed onto!

Oh, the excitement!
 A bit later on we went out again to the Sea Wall and Holly had a good woof at a kite that was being flown by a Two Legs and he was making it swoop and climb all over the sky!

Back home for a nibble and a snooze, then off to the Riverside Park.

We met a few dogs and said hello to some children who wanted to stroke us.

Then we investigated the Pirates Cave, but there was no one at home.

Pirate Cave
The other thing we did was to find an old green ball, have a game and loose it in the mud!

I found and lost a green ball!

Tonight we're going to stay up late and have a good sing song 'cos TM is not here to tell us off!

We know how to live it up when TM's not here!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Flying Holly!

Hello Woofers!

D&H Back again.

It has been a wonderful sunny day today, it has been almost too hot to run around, but not quite!

This morning we went for a walk with The Missus around the fields and up near the golf course. We were doing well, finding new sniffs and hunting foxes through the brambles.

All of a sudden, Holly stops and starts to grumble, you know, that deep down grumble reserved for things we don't like and are willing to do something about. I looked to where she was looking and was about to join in the grumble when I worked out what she was grumbling about.

It was the most enormous Rottweiler I have ever seen, he was GIGANTIC, I mean he was the size of a horse and he was coming our way with a purposeful look in his eye.

You could see his eye and it almost said 'Breakfast'!

I said to Holly, 'Are you Serious?'

Yes said Holly, I reckon we can take him!

You must be mad I said and if we get out of this alive, your going to the opticians first thing!

TM was a little worried as well and was calling us back to her in a sort of 'stage whisper' that you could hear a mile away!

Well, lucky for him, his master caught up with him and put him on a lead and walked off in a different direction, Holly may say 'Lucky for Him' I thought it was more like Lucky For Us!

That was something to tell Old Two Legs when we got back and he said we were brave little puppies but we should be careful who we have a grumble at in future!

Lunch time came and we went down to the Sea Wall again and went hunting rabbits as normal and as normal, we couldn't find any!

So, walking along the wall, we saw a Boxer type of dog on a lead coming towards us. Holly did it again, 'I reckon we can take him' she said and with that she went into the grumbly mode and headed towards the dog

Now, I couldn't let her take him on alone so I went off with her and we trotted towards him, crouched down and grumbling like we meant it!

As we got closer, he got bigger and I got more worried, I had to think fast, what could I do?

Well I did the only thing I could think of, I gave Holly a shove and knocked her off the wall and onto the beach and while the other dog was looking at Holly, I rushed past him and woofed so he didn't know who to chase!

Another lucky escape!

OTL didn't help, he was laughing at Holly falling off the wall and onto the beach!

I think I deserve my chicken dinner tonight for getting my sister out of deep poo!

And talking of that, TM has just called us for dinner!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 26 September 2011

A Relaxing Monday!

Hi all you Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you after a hectic weekend.

We're glad it's Monday, at least we will get a rest today!

Old Two Legs was in the office first thing working away and The Missus got up early to take us out to the Sea Wall for our early morning walk. We like the Sea Wall 'cos there's always a chance we will bump into a rabbit or two!

TM was being a bit sneaky this morning. Normally when we're out with OTL he calls or whistles for us to follow or come out of the bushes, but TM normally just calls. Both of which we totally ignore if we have a good sniff or there's a rabbit about.

Not today, first of all TM had the Dog Whistle, nasty little thing it is, the sound goes right through you!

Well, when she blew it this morning and we ran to her, she gave us a bit of ham she had in a bag. Nice one!

Then next time she blew it, Holly looks up and sees TM waving the bag of ham. She was of to TM like a Puppy Powered Rocket, well, you know what Holly's like for food. For the rest of the walk Holly stayed close to TM, just in case TM got the bag out again!

Sneaky or wot!

Back home for breakfast and a snooze in the office.

That was until lunch time, OTL had some deliveries to make, so off we went so that we can guard the car while he is out delivering!

Of course, being a hot day what with all this sunshine and warm wind, we made a bit of a fuss and pretty soon OTL got the message, The New Park and The Swimming Hole!

We didn't go straight to the water 'cos we could see there were some big Labrador type dogs there woofing and making loads of waves by jumping in the water and chasing balls.

We went for a good walk first and met up with a few of the lads and chased the ball around for a bit.

Yo Man!
OTL had brought the hard rubber ball, it's a bit smaller than the tennis ball and it is easier to grab hold of with my mouth.

Chasing the ball and working up a thirst!
Holly and me chased that ball all over the place and in the end were getting a bit hot and thirsty, when we arrived at the Swimming Hole, there was no one there!

Great! I jumped in straight away and Holly had a paddle, up to her tummy, 'cos she is not into this swimming stuff yet!

Holly having a Paddle!

OTL did his bit by throwing the ball just out of my depth so I had to try swimming after it. I'm not really that confident yet but I had a go and managed to grab the all once!

Me doing the Doggy Paddle!
We had some fun running in and out of the water but Holly reckoned that it was getting cold so we decided to have a run back to the car to help dry off!

We mugged OTL for some of his Pork Pie at dinner!

It was a good lazy sort of day ending in a good swim for me.

We are wondering what OTL has got in mind for tomorrow, maybe a trip down to the sea side for a run on the sand?

Claws crossed!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Super Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

This morning The Missus was up really early, it was terrible trying to have a snooze when she is walking up and down the stairs, switching lights on and off and making such a noise!

The reason? She and her mates were off to Ally Pally for big spend up at a card making show. She just loves these shows and always come back with 'Bargains' that she just must have!

We on the other hand had a long snoozy Sunday morning with Old Two Legs who was in need of as much sleep as us, especially after yesterdays run around The Marshes!

When we finally got up, he took us for a walk down The Sea Wall which was great 'cos the tide was in and the sun was shining and there were other dogs out on their Sunday Morning Walk.

We didn't see any rabbits, which was good because we wanted to get back for the chicken breakfast we knew OTL was going to give us!

No Rabbits here!
 After breakfast there was the tidying up to do and the beds to make and the toys to clear up, what a busy morning. Soon it was time to sit down and watch the F1 racing, except that Holly decided she wanted to go for a walk! A quick run around the football field made her happy and also got us back before the race started proper!

Good old Jenson managed to come in second and if there were a few more laps we reckoned he could have got first position!

After that we wanted to have a race around the house but OTL said that if we were going to do that then we had to go down the New Park!

He didn't have to ask twice!

It was very crowded when we got there with loads of other doggies all racing about and chasing balls and woofing.

We got out of our car and the first thing we saw was the Not Not Neddies we woofed a hello to them but as normal all we got was a whistle and a stamp of their foot!

It's a Not Not Neddy!
Holly met up with a ball of fluff that was also called Holly and they exchanged sniffs before parting company. Holly wanted to know how she kept her fur so white, Baths, said the other Holly!

Yuk! Says our Holly!

Holly meets Holly!

We had a game of 'Chase the Ball' and also met up with a couple of youngsters who just wanted to cuddle OTL!

Let's have a game!
We went over the fields they call The Orchard which is a long walk, about two and a half miles OTL reckons, and we saw a helicopter go over us. Well, we waved and woofed but they didn't wave back and we reckon that they must be Not Nots 'cos that's what they would do!

While we were looking up at the helicopter there was a rushing sound and all of a sudden this Two Legs came speeding past us on a thing OTL called a Bicycle.

It was a little scary, I mean, they are supposed to enjoy being out in the fresh air getting exercise, but the noise she made was terrible!

A Speeding Monster!
OLT says it was 'Two Wheeled Torture', it certainly sounded like it!

When we arrived back home there was The Missus waiting for us when we got in. She said she had a super day and came back with loads of card making stuff that she will put away in her workshop and spend time tiding up every six moths or so, as normal!

We are off to bed now 'cos we are tired little puppies and we need our sleep!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holy

Saturday, 24 September 2011

An Adventure and Sore Legs!

Hello All You Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

What a day we've had! We started off by The Missus taking us for a walk around the Football Field and having a good game of 'Chase The Ball' or as Holly says, 'You chase it if you want, I'll just watch'!

She has decided that she is really too sophisticated to go chasing after rubber balls and that sort of thing should be left to other dogs!

I said that she was just a lazy little puppy who was too fat to get off her bottom!

When we got back home for breakfast (chicken and biscuits), Old Two Legs was packing all his camera gear together and taking it to the car. This looked like our Adventure was about to start, Canterbury here we come!

We got all his gear in then our water bowl and nibbles and some dry biscuits in a bowl, (just for the ride) and off we went!

First stop was the Doggy Shop, OTL left us in the car and rushed in and in a few moments, rushed back out again carrying a plastic goody bag! Yep, as soon as he got in the car we could smell it, Chicken Fillets and our favourite Chew, Chicken and Rice!

While we were having a poke around in the bag, just in case there were any bags with holes in them, OTL was driving towards Canterbury.

Before long we had arrived and it was so good to be back again that we insisted OTL took us for a quick wander around the trees for a sniff and a wee before getting all his gear out!

Pretty soon we were all ready for the start and with OTL in tow, the first stop was the Water Hide. We call it the Water Hide 'cos it has got loads of water in front of it! Before we had seen Herons and Egrets and Fish from here but today there was very little to see, just a snoozy duck who was keeping one eye on us!

Snoozy 'ole Ducky Thing
We waited for a bit and while we were waiting another Two Legs arrived with his camera then him and OTL started having a boring chat about F Stops and Focal Lengths and ISO's, I mean BORING or wot!

That was it, we started to have our play fight all over the hide, making loads of snuffling noises and woofing as well. Well, OTL packed us up and soon we were on the path again!

OTL showed us a tree with a Green Woodpecker that had died and was hanging out of the hole where the nest had been. It was a sorry sight but these things happen, it could be many reasons why it was dead, but it was still a shame.

One that didn't make it!
We went from hide to hide and we walked and ran and played and chased each other alongside the river bank, it was just so good to have a really long run. In fact we were running and woofing and having so much fun that we both were worn out, we were so worn out that OTL first had to carry me on his shoulder for a while until I felt better and when he put me down, Holly asked to be carried 'cos she said her legs were sore!

Good old OTL, he carried us and all his camera stuff and the food and the water. Well, it wasn't too long before OTL said that he was getting tired as well so we stopped by a hide that was shut, but it did have some tables and chairs outside. So we stayed there and had some lunch, real chicken bits TM had packed for us together with some biscuits and water and then we ate a half pack of Chicken Fillets OTL had got at the Doggy Shop!

That was a good lunch! All the time the sun was shining and OTL told us some jokes and Holly sang a song. So by the time we had finished we felt really good and ready for another walk!

After lunch it was onto the Marsh Hide, we like this one 'cos we see geese here and Holly reckons that one day she will catch one and see if it tastes like chicken!

Today there were no geese, but we did see ducks and a Little Egret who was giving a speech on the importance of keeping your feathers clean!

Keep your feathers clean!
Most of the ducks looked like they were bored and would rather have gone to sleep!

As we were all getting bored with the speech, a Mallard suddenly jumped off the end of the platform and started an exaggerated display of having a bath to keep his feathers clean!

Keeping Clean!
Everyone had a good laugh about that, except the Egret, who flew off in a huff!

After we left that hide it was another long walk back and this time Holly asked for another lift.

The way she does it is to stop in front of OTL and lift her front paw up, that way OTL puts his hand under her tummy and lifts her up onto his shoulder where she sits on his back pack and rests up against his head.

Me, I've got a more direct approach, I run up behind him and give him a good shove with my front paws onto the back of one of his legs, then rush around the front and jump up at him.

He then catches me and puts me up on his shoulder!

We love OTL when he does that!

When we got back home this evening, we had a snack and then a long sleep, so did OTL, we were all snoozing and getting over the long day.

We really enjoyed our Adventure and tomorrow there is the F1 racing! Wow! What a weekend!

I'm off to bed now as my eye lids are drooping.

Have a good holiday Max and let's see the pictures when you get back. Oh, and another thing, watch out for the Ticks, nasty little spider things that get caught up in your coat and nibble your skin, OTL brushes us twice a day just to check us all over for Ticks. He says that anywhere there are sheep or deer there are ticks!

It's a good job we don't have sheep or deer down here!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 23 September 2011

It's Friday!

Hello Woofers!

D&H back with you!

Yesterday I forgot to tell you all about Holly's chew didn't I?

Well, you know that Holly has got this thing about her chew, she just loves the Jumbone Chew you can get in any doggy type shop. She was having a good old gnaw on it yesterday morning and decided that it needed a little tenderising and a little taste of herbs, so, knowing just what to do, she went down stairs with it and woofed at The Missus to let her out in the garden. As soon as the door was opened, she rushed back into the house, grabbed her chew from behind the sofa and dashed to the rockery. Planted in the rockery are a load of bird feeders and one is always full of Niger seed for the Goldfinches. Being that the Goldfinches are messy feeders, most of the Niger seed lands on the rockery, so there is this big thick carpet of Niger seed covering the ground. Holly digs a hole in the seed, buries her chew in there and carefully covers it over again, with Niger seed.

TM was watching Holly all the while and in the evening when Holly fancies a chew, she goes to dig it up again, but TM is watching and says that there is no way that smelly seed covered chew is coming into the house! So she takes it from Holly, brushes off the seed and hands it back to a totally disgusted Holly who just fancies a Niger seed covered chew. It must be a first, a Two Legs brushing off a buried chew before giving it to the dog! Ha!

This morning we were sleepy puppies, TM got up at ten past five, claiming that Holly's snoring woke her up. That's nothing! We have to listen to TM snoring in the night and that is a terrible sound, it certainly scares Holly and me!

We were still in bed when Old Two Legs was ready to take us out over the fields!

This morning TM went out to the Two Legs Parlour to have her hair cut, when she came back Holly and OTL and me had to stand there and say Ooo, Ahh, Wonderful and Super!

That out of the way we went off to the Sea Wall for a rabbit chase and a woof at the Gulls!

We sneaked out of the car and flew around the corner but we didn't see any rabbits. So, we scouted along the Sea Wall and I was sure I could smell rabbits, even if I couldn't see them.

I smell Rabbits!
We decided to leave them but maybe catch them on the way back!

A bit further along we saw a fisherman out in the mud digging holes all over the place. Holly woofed to him and asked what he was doing, 'Looking for Worms' he called back. That's funny said Holly, does that mean the worms are thrown out and then when the tide goes out, they go and collect them again?

Looking for his Worms!
As we turned to go back to the car we started planning how to get up close to the rabbits. Holly says we should rush them but I had another idea!

This time we will be super sneaky, what we will do is to creep up on them, through the grass, tummy and nose just above the grass roots.Holly says that's a good idea 'cos it will enable us to put into our SAS Training, (Small Animal Service)!

We got close and went into 'Sneaky' mode, Holly kept right down while I moved forward to set up a FOP (Forward Observation Post), then Holly sneaked up once I was in position.

Forward Observation Post
Holly was good at creeping through the grass, except that her backside and tail were poking up a bit!

She crept past me and signalled with her tail that she could see or smell rabbits ahead!

Rabbits Ahead, get ready, get ready!
 All of a sudden it was Go, Go Go!

We raced across the open ground, Holly doing her war cry, I woofed my Rabbit Charging Woof and we were down into the Rabbit Hollow like a pair of greasy weasels!

Go Go GO!
Trouble was, the rabbits had just enough time to disappear down the rabbit holes before we got there, Holly and me tried to dig our way into the holes but soon gave up the effort 'cos we could hear the rabbits laughing and calling us rude names!

Don't worry, there will be a next time!

Be Warned!

We'll Be Back!

We had to go to the Vet this afternoon to collect our Worming Tablets, when we got there the first thing OTL does is put us on the weighing machine. I was 7Kg but Holly weighed in at a whopping great 8.6Kg!

No more nibbles for her!

We got back home and we asked to go into the garden, so TM opened the back door and we went into the garden only to stop in front of a young Goldfinch that had tried to fly through the glass window, again!

Holly said it was a soppy bird, then remarked that it should taste like chicken!

OTL did his rescue thing and put it on the garden table on top of his 'High Viz' waistcoat and there it stayed until it's headache got better and it felt like flying again!

Walking Wounded!
So, there is a very busy day today, tomorrow we plan to go and do some bird watching down at Canterbury, providing we don't get distracted by other Aventures!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly ( The Porky Puppy)

P.S. Maxi Mate, Have yourself a great time in the caravan, we think it is a super way to spend a few days off. Let's see some rabbit chasing photos when you get back!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Holly and her Chew

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

It has been a mix of a day down here, first of all sunshine then this afternoon it got all cloudy and black clouds full of rain!

We went out with Old Two Legs at lunch time and as normal we were just busting to get out, as soon as OTL opened the door we were off like puppy powered rockets!

Around the corner we flew and there, sitting on the seat, was an old OTL watching the mud dry off shore!

Watching mud dry!
We shot past him, intent of catching the rabbits off guard!

Well, the rabbits were gone and OTL had stopped to have a chat, so back we came to see if there was anything interesting going on, or as Holly said, 'has he got any sandwiches?'

We let him give us a stroke behind the ear then ran off 'cos he didn't have anything to eat!

Holly ran off ahead of me as I was getting my ear tickled and when I caught her up she called to me to have a sniff at this magnificent sniff on the beach. She had no idea what the sniff was but it certainly made her nose buzz!

A Serious Sniff!
Well, as we are sisters, we do share a lot of common likes and dislikes, so I had a sniff.

A Serious Sniff Indeed!
I wasn't sure what is was either but it certainly made your nose twitch!

A bit further on OTL pointed out the wreck of the Montgomery, an old Liberty boat than got stranded on a sand bar and broke into bits when the tide went out. That's not so bad but the cargo was a load of explosives and OTL says that if it went bang there would be a big mess everywhere and our house would be damaged as well!

It's not until you see the masts sticking out at low tide that you realise just how close it is to the shore, I mean, I reckon even a rabbit could swim out to it!

The Montgomery.
Later on OTL had to do some deliveries, so we went with him and very soon we had arrived at the New Park!

We had just got through the gate and OTL had taken our leads off when this Labrador came bounding over to us, I was just a little worried in case he wanted to be a bit rough but blow me, he was a puppy and was all 'submissive', he first of all lay down then lifted his rear leg so we could have a sniff, then he lay down with his nose close to the ground!

It's not often we get a dog that size do the 'I'm only a puppy,please don't hurt me' act.

It made us feel quite grown up!

Please don't woof at me Missus!
 Holly told him to get up and go back to his owners who were calling him and for him to be a good puppy!

 As we were going out Holly suddenly woofed, look, is that Max?

There ahead of us was a Miniature Schnauzer! Hey! Maxi Babe! Called Holly.

He looked up from having a sniff.

Hey? Wot? You talking to me? I'm Harry, well that's what they call me!

We said sorry but he looked just like Max who we talk to on the computer thingy.

Then I said that Max is still a very small puppy and had not yet got to look as handsome as Harry, to which Harry got all embarrassed and said we were saucy little girls!

Maxi Babe?
He then ran off after his owner and we headed back to the car!

Tonight there is liver on the menu and of course there is OTL to mug!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Yo Max Mate, don't worry you will always get a cuddle from the TL's they are all really big softies, a lick on the nose and they all go soppy!

Looking forward to the blog when you get it started.

See you soon!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mid Week Already!

Hi Woofers!

D&H Back with you again!

We went out for our morning run with Old Two Legs and as soon as we got outside, it started to rain, so it was a quick right hand turn and off we went to the Football Field! I had a chase around after the ball that OTL was kicking but Holly just sat down and refused to move! 'I'm getting wet and I want to go home' was all she would say, even when OTL chased her towards the ball.

Well, we walked down the field and were down near where all the children play on the swings when Holly spotted a cat, 'YAH!!!! ROOOOOOO!' she woofed, and ran at top speed towards the cat, I was just a couple of feet behind her!

The cat took one look and belted into the bushes by the side of the park with us closing in at high speed!

Then all sort of went crazy, we were crashing into the bushes looking for the cat, OTL was getting closer and laughing!

What he had seen was this pesky cat side stepping and letting us rush past, then turning around, walked quite gently over to his garden and over the fence!

That is one Sneaky Pussy Cat!

Lunch time we had a run down at The Sea Wall again, trying to catch the rabbit, I think that it is a lost cause, but as young fit puppies, we have to put on a show for the other animals around. I mean, we got to keep the side up!

The tide was right out, so we couldn't have a paddle and OTL said that if we went anywhere near the mud he would give us a shower!

No Sea and we can't play in the mud!
We went off into the long grass hunting grass snakes while OTL tried to compose a 'Converging Lines' type picture. This was one of the exercises he had to do at college, we think he should go back!

Converging Lines
We were hunting in the grass when Holly says she saw a snake, a big one called a 'Slow Worm', I said that all worms were slow, that's why the birds get them.

When I got over to where she was, I couldn't see anything, so I said she was seeing things again!

That's when the fight started and we were woofing at each other all down the path!

A Slow Worm that has Scarpered!
Home in time for some dinner and a little mug of OTL for some shortbread, we do love the taste, even though he only gives us a little bit off the end of the biscuit!

I think an early night may be called for 'cos I'm a little bit sleepy and I've already woofed at OTL to get my bed sorted!

Night night all, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Yo Max Matey, don't worry about the 'mistake' we all do it from time to time, I blame the Two Legs for not noticing our discomfort! Mind you I've never liked having a wee in the rain, trying to concentrate with rain drops on your nose is not easy!

Have a good night and get them TL's going on the blog, I reckon it will be great, even if it is just photo's with funny titles!

See Ya Mate!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Big Run Around Today

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you.

We have been all over the place today.

First we went out for our walk this morning with The Missus who took us around the football field, which is a lot shorter than around The Fields, we reckon we got short changed this morning and all because she wanted to make a card!

Not Fair!

We knew how to get our own way though, we just bullied Old Two Legs into taking us out early for our Rabbit Chasing Run along The Sea Wall!

So there!

We bullied OTL so much that he picked up his camera and forgot to check he had put the battery back after charging it!

So, no pictures of us swimming in the sea, wrestling giant rabbits, fighting off sea monsters and woofing at the big dogs! 

Shame really, I'm sure you would have found them interesting!

Back for a quick bite of lunch, we mug some of OTL's lunch then run down stairs to mug TM and wander out into the kitchen to sniff the Doggy Dinner out of the tin. Not very appetising!

Then after lunch we went out to do the deliveries and we were expecting another walk, as normal, but OTL went on a long drive with TM and us. We went all the way to a big town and stopped at a place that had loads of cars for sale. Hey Up! We thought OTL is after another motor!

We were left in the car while those two went poking around all the motors, not even asking our opinion on how comfortable it would be for us puppies!

There are important considerations you know, like where to store the chews, is there a sensible place to hang the lead and most important, where do you put the drinking bowl?

Well we didn't buy a car, which was just as well, 'cos we like the one we are in at the moment.

On the way back we stopped in the Riverside Park and had a run and a jump 'cos we had been good girls sitting in that car for such a long time!

First thing Holly and I did was to rush towards the brambles to see if the rabbits were still around, they weren't!

Off to see the Rabbits!
We went all the way to the end of the path and then decided that it was time for dinner. Now Holly reckons that any time is good for dinner and started to rush back along the path.

This gave OTL a chance to try the old 'Motion Blur' photography and he took a shot of Holly 'On A Mission'!

On A Mission!
It has sort of worked but we think he needs to try a few more shots before he gets it right!

We got back to the grass garden bit and had a super run around until OTL finally caught up with us, he just can't keep up, poor old thing!

A game on the grass before OTL arrives!
All this running around means that we were late getting home, and now late to bed, but as long as it is fun we don't mind!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly.

P.S. Yo Max mate, I bet your vet must charge a fortune, nibbles and treats while having a jab? All we get is 'This won't hurt' but it always does and it makes OTL cry, the bill that is!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Another Super Day

Hi Woofers!

D&H back again with you.

We want to know how Max got on at the VET, nasty old injections, we always end up with a sore rump when the vet does our injections. One day we're going to growl at the vet!

We know Old Two Legs growls at the vet when he gets the bill!

We went out with TM this morning to the Sea Wall, which was strange 'cos she never takes us there first thing, but it seems she needed to do some shopping at the Co-op that opened early, so it was a case of walkies then shoppies!

We had a good run and we showed TM where we chase Rabbits when we are with Old Two Legs!

We got back and then went out with OTL, taking the small car to the menders for repairs. Back home for a brush and some, (Late!) breakfast.

Lunch time we were back down to the Sea Wall with OTL and this time we surprised the rabbits, you see, as we had been down early in the morning, they did not expect us to be back again today, oh boy did we surprise them!

Holly went flying in one end of the bushes and I went in the other end and it was only by good luck that the rabbits got down their burrow just before we got to them!

As we got close to where OTL puts our lead on, we spotted a Scottie sort of dog being walked on a lead, so we woofed for him to come over to us for a game, but he said he was not allowed off the lead, but thanks for the invitation!

Strange lot some of these Two Legs, a dog has got to run to enjoy being alive, well we do anyway!

Come on Scottie, wanna game of chase?
This afternoon we got a carrot each. It was fun having a chew and making a mess on the carpet!

Holly took hers out into the garden and was walking around with it in her mouth, ('cos she don't trust me!), when Buster next door woofed 'Hello' and Holly, being a friendly dog woofed back, trouble is she had a mouth full of carrot, so it was not so much a woof, more of a Grumpher!

Buster and I did have a laugh over that, especially when I told him it was Holly with her carrot!

This evening has been fun 'cos we have been having a cuddle with OTL and mugging him for a nibble of his short bread.

So, another happy day having fun and chasing rabbits, maybe tomorrow we'll catch one.

Here's hoping that Max has got over his jabs!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Truly Lazy Sunday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you on a fine sunny Sunday.

We have had a Lazy Day today, we sort of went to bed late last night and had a game with Old Two Legs. It sort of goes like this, 'OK you two, into bed and no woofing' we get into bed, Holly carries her carrot and as soon as she is in bed, she woofs. Then she grumbles and gives a little woof. OTL says 'OK that's enough, sleep!'

We pretend to go to sleep and while he is getting ready for bed, we jump up and have a run around chasing each other, then up stairs and onto the bed, wake The Missus up by jumping on her then down stairs for another run around.

OTL joins in the fun by chasing us and threatening to unscrew our tails and other pretend 'Terrible' things!

So, by the time we decide to go to bed, it's late and we over sleep in the morning, which is what happened to us!

After breakfast we had our snooze in with OTL who was messing about with his camera trying some new process to take pictures of small things like flies or bugs. Trouble is, he couldn't find any bugs, so he is trying to take pictures of a small bit of mud Holly had on her coat.

Some one really needs to have a chat with OTL, taking pictures of mud lumps!

Lunch time we went down to the Sea Wall for a run, we watched as the tide came in again pushing loads of grubby looking foam ahead of it.

Incoming Tide with Foam!
OTL kept us on the grass 'cos if we were allowed onto the beach we would be tempted to have a paddle in the mud!

We spent the afternoon snoozing on the sofa after a super lunch of chicken. Mid snooze, Holly decided to woof at some birds in the garden, which started Buster, who lives next door, barking his head off as well, which then woke up the doggy a couple of gardens away who went bonkers with the woofing that started his owner to shout at him to keep quiet that woke the baby up next door to them!

I told Holly to come back in before she woke the whole neighbourhood woke up!

So, we are off to an early night 'cos OTL says he is tired and TM says if we start 'our games' then we will be spending the night in the shed fighting the spiders!

Ooo! she can be hard sometimes!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly.

P.S. Hi Max, congratulations on the four day of house training, better than us and your only nine weeks old!

Holly still has a little wee if she gets too excited and she in nearly two years old!

Guess what? Your bed is the same one as mine and Holly's we both have giant paw prints on ours. They are super comfortable and we do enjoy a good wriggle and roll onto our back and have a super snooze!

The cushion is great for hiding chews and carrots!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Saturday Swim

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you on a windy old Saturday.

We were up good and early this morning 'cos The Missus is off to her 'Crop' today, she missed the last one because we were on holiday. She has been getting all twitchy this past week, I suppose it's a phase these cardy type people go through if they don't get a regular fix of glue pots and glitter and peel-off's!

We didn't mind her going 'cos that means we can spend some time with Old Two Legs and have an adventure!

Today's adventure was to be a run down to The Marsh, but there was rain forecast for today so we decided that we may leave it until tomorrow, providing it doesn't rain tomorrow!

Instead we went down to the New Park where we both chased the tennis ball all over the place. OTL would throw or kick the ball and Holly and me chased it all down the paths and over the grassy fields, sometimes we would loose the ball in the long grass and OTL would have to find it for us.

OK Where's the ball?
Finally we arrived at the swimming hole, first of all there was just us there and we had fun splashing each other and OTL. Then he got the ball out and was throwing it into the water for me. As normal, he threw it just a little further than I could reach with my feet standing on the bottom. Suddenly I was swimming! All for paws off the bottom and paddling like I was running.

Look! Paws off the Bottom!

It was OK 'cos OTL was there but I did spin around and paddled towards shore a couple of times! The wind finally blew the ball in close enough for me to go in and get it, so OTL threw it out again and off I went, swimming again!

Look! I'm Swimming!

Now don't get the idea I am that confident yet, but I was certainly running and splashing with all the other big dogs!

The only bit of me that was not soaking wet was the top and back of my head!

It was great fun, Holly did come in the water but only for a paddle, you see, she doesn't do deep paddling or swimming and she says she prefers to keep her bits dry, thank you!

After a while I was starting to shiver, so OTL called me out and threw the ball in the grass and soon I was all dry again.

We stopped off to see if the Indians were about but there was no one at home.

No Indians at home today!
On the way back to the car we met up with a Spaniel type doggy and Holly was doing her 'Hello Puppy' bit when he turned around and kissed her on her nose!

Gissa Kiss?
Well, that made sit back on her tail!

Back home again and it wasn't long before TM got back from the crop, all happy 'cos she had been playing at card making, only problem with that was she didn't even make one card!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy (The Mermaid) & Holly (Just been kissed)


Yo Max, I like the trick you played on your Two Legs, they couldn't find a pile or a puddle? Nice one, where did you hide them? We used to hide them under the dining room table!

Another thing, stick to the flower bed for digging holes, it takes the Two Legs some time to find them and it's easier to dig than a lawn!

Best of luck my lad!

Friday, 16 September 2011

A Two Walk Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We have had a super day with a not so super end!

It started this morning when The Missus took us for our morning walk over the fields, we had a woof at a Labrador who got the wrong end of the stick and thought we were being rude, so we stopped woofing and hid behind TM!

Back home for a brush and breakfast (chicken & biscuits), then a snooze in Old Two Legs office.

Near to midday we did our 'we wanna go out' trick and he fell for it! I suppose the pile of stuff to be delivered did help as well!

First of all we stopped off at the New Park.

I was chasing the ball in and out of the water and providing OTL didn't throw it too far in I was able to get it out. You just can't trust OTL, he threw it too far and I was struggling to get it.

It's too far out!
Then along came this big hairy Retriever who already had one ball in his mouth, he went in and picked my ball up as well!

Get Me Ball Mister?
I chased after him and tried to get the ball back but he said it was a case of 'Finders, Keepers'!

Aw! Come on, Gissma Ball Back Mister!
OTL, being the crafty Two Legs that he is, called to him and pretended to throw something in the water, the Retriever dropped both balls and went looking for whatever OTL had thrown in the water!

That was it, I got my ball back and OTL picked up the other ball and threw it in the water so the Retriever could jump in and get it!

Sneaky or wot?

I Got My Ball Back!
A bit further on we met Monty a super little Labrador that OTL fell in love with 'cos he used to have a Labrador called Mutters. His real name was Sandy but he was always known as Mutters to everyone!

Monty Dog!
After the walk we went on to deliver all of OTL's stuff and headed for home.

We had spent some time asleep on the seats and decided that we wanted another walk before we got home. So, sticking my nose out of the window, I caught the smell of The Farm! So we bullied OTL until he pulled into the car park!

Yes! A result!

We went on our normal path along side the woods, then we turned up the hill and onto the field where they had grown wheat this summer. Only when we got there, the wheat had all gone and there was this super sniff all over the place!

OTL has a very bad sense of smell  fact it has almost gone.

Holly decided to have a roll in this super sniff. While OTL was chasing Holly to stop her rolling on the ground, I just could not help myself, I just had to have a roll as well!

OTL spotted the tractor down the end of the field, the tractor with the big tank on a trailer, the tractor with the tank on a trailer full of cow poo that the farmer had just been spreading all over the field!

Tractor & Trailer full of Super Sniff!
We honked, we were walking in a haze of smell, it sort of surrounded us like a force field!

When we got home it was straight into the kitchen and a sink full of doggy shampoo. After OTL had dried us and brushed us so we looked super smart, he got out a spray can full of doggy deodorant, it was horrid!

I preferred the cow poo, at least it's natural!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Over to see The Boys today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again, all worn out and happy!

We spent the morning playing at home, well, Old Two Legs took us out first thing this morning then got all tangled up in bits of paper and office type work. So, we left him alone and spent some time in the garden chasing each other up and down the path and in and out of the lounge, and all over the sofa and chairs!

We were almost too exhausted to go out down the Sea Wall, almost, but not too exhausted!

First of all we had to get OTL out early 'cos we are going over to baby sit Ooops! No, we are 'Child Minding' The Boys after school. Mind you Tom is a big boy now because he goes to the grown up Secondary School where they are teaching him things that he will need to know when he goes out to work!

He looks super smart in his new uniform!

We won't need to go to school 'cos as a doggy, we know everything already!

So, back to OTL, a sneaky little woof gets his attention, then we jump up on his lap and lick his ear, jump down and go to the door and woof again, by then it has clicked with him and he starts to put all the paper into a pile!

Once he has his boots on, we're off!

When we get out of the car, it is at full speed, us, not the car! We are off to surprise the rabbits who live around the corner in the brambles. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don't!

Today, we didn't surprise them!

I smell Rabbits, but where?
We woofed and crashed through the brambles and woofed some more but I think they may have gone out for the day 'cos it's so sunny!

Holly got fed up with looking for the rabbits and went down on the beach to have a walk. She said she looked just like a Beach Babe and walked along the wall wiggling her tail!

I'm a Beach Babe!
I was more interested in the sniffs in the grass and I said I was the Queen of The May dancing through all the flowers!

Queen of The May!
Holly said that as normal, I was late 'cos it's September and I couldn't be Queen of The September. I told her to get on with her wiggling 'cos she looked like a worm!

Watching people, watching the tide come in!
That was when she chased me all along the wall and forgot about wiggling her tail!

We stopped and watched the tide come in and all the dirty looking foam washing up on the beach. There were some people on the beach playing in the muddy water, laughing and giggling. Holly said the OTL wouldn't giggle if we were to dance in the mud!

Watching the tide come in.
On the way back to the car we saw a man standing at the railings watching the tide come in. OTL reckons he was on his lunch break and was looking for some gulls to feed his sandwich crusts to, Holly said that he could feed them to her if he couldn't find any gulls!

In the distance was saw a fisherman almost running along the sea wall with all his gear, he was rushing to get the best position along the wall for catching fish. We both woofed out that he had better hurry 'cos the fish were just about to go home. He didn't think that was funny and totally ignored us!

Late for the High Tide!
Soon after we got back, we went off with The Missus, over to see The Boys.

We had a dig in the garden, just to let them know we were there and some fun chasing each other all over the place!

It was good to get back to OTL and ask if he missed us, silly question really, we gave him lots of licks and he gave us both tickles behind the ears and a cuddle!

 Best of all, there is a Sheep Dog trials on television, going on over four days and today is the first. Well Holly and me sat there and watched it and we were judging each dog they showed.

By the time they finished, we reckon we could have done better, Away to Me, Come Bye, Darn, Lay Darn!

Now where have we heard that before!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Max, Don't kill your bed or it will be lumpy to sleep in! Also, try something to chew on like some Rawhide Chews, (Tesco do them) they will help you when your teething!