Friday, 28 January 2011

Westies all over the place!

Hello, Daisy & Holly back on your screens again!

Down at the New Park today we seemed to be meeting Westies everywhere we went.

We had just got through the gate when we bumped into Jock, we had met him before, so stopped to say hello. While we were saying hello, his owner answered his mobile telephone, he said 'Hello, Mr Strapp here'.

Old Two Legs had to drag us away pretty quickly, he was busting to laugh but had to keep quiet until we were down the path a bit. He never did explain!

Mr Jock Strapp
Off we went, running and sniffing, when, around the corner came Benny, we had met him before and we had a great game of 'chase'. He chased us and we chased him, then he chased us, and so on, until he was called away.

Chasing Benny!
We went past the Badgers again and Holly agreed that they hadn't moved since the last time we saw them, but she wanted a closer look. Unfortunately, they were in a field that was for children only and us doggies were not allowed in.

Now, I'm not sure if the notices are to keep the children in the field, or to keep the doggies out. I think it's a good place to keep children, all safe and fenced in, where they can't bother us puppies!

A little further on we found the Indian house again and I jumped inside and hid from Holly, she was rushing around looking for me and only found me when OTL told her where I was!

Tee Hee in the Tepee!
Holly was looking at the maps again (Bore-ring) and said she had given up on trying to teach us how to map read, instead, she started talking about Way Points. I asked if a Way Point was a notice telling you which way to go. She got all 'shirty' and said we would never learn if we didn't pay attention!


She found a small wooden bench thing and I asked if when you fell off, would you go 'Wheyyy' and was that why it was called a Way Point.

She didn't even answer me!

See you tomorrow!