Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Trials of Holly Dog!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

What a day we have had!

It all started this morning with Holly Dog. Now, Holly has had a 'Funny Tummy' over the last couple of days and has taken to eating grass as a sort of 'Doggy Self Medication', as we do. The result is that the grass helps 'Bind' and also acts as a purging agent.

With me so far?

OK, now this morning, on our way to the beach, both ferrets were out of the bag, having a stroll and a wee on the grass path.

Both ferrets were on their leads and scurrying about in different directions while OTL tries to keep them in order, as normal!

Holly, decided that she would make use of the slow pace and have a poo, in the middle of the path.

She's like that, if she has to go then she goes. Tail up, squat and get rid of it, OTL will sort it out, no problem!

Well, today she decided she had to go but couldn't finish it 'cos the grass not only was binding her but it was hanging onto her fury backside. No problem, Old Two Legs always keeps a watch out and once retrieving a Poo Bag from his pocket, he removes the hanging bit and off we all go again.

Not today.

There she was, tail up, with OTL trying hard to get a single plastic Poo Bag out of his pocket while the Poo Bag was desperately trying to stay with the pack of bags in his pocket, and at the same time telling Holly to stay where she is so he can administer to her needs.

No problem, we've been here before and managed to sort it!

Holly hung about waiting for the offending lump to be removed while she balanced on her rear legs and holding onto the ground with her front paws!

Today there was an additional element to the performance.

Two Ferrets who claim never to have this sort of problem wanted to see what was going on!

Being inquisitive ferrets they decided to investigate why Holly was in 'Squat Mode' with tail in the air and OTL inspecting her rear end.

Holly saw Snowflake approach her ear and give a sniff and at the same time Mr Brambles decided that Holly's nose was in the right position for him to give her a lick on it!

Holly was not amused!

She grumbled, then she growled and finally she woofed at the ferrets to 'Ferret Off' before she took a woofer sized lump out of their tails!

All this was going on while OTL was continually pulling the ferrets away from Holly's head, where she keeps her teeth and at the same time  he was pulling away at Holly's other end to remove said lump!

In the end OTL managed to get everyone sorted and separated and heading off down the path while he tied up the poo bag with one hand!

He's clever like that!

Mr Brambles is still having problems with the step, Holly said that she would help by giving his tail a nip but we decided that was just naughty!

If I give a shove with my tail, I might just do it!
This morning OTL had to go out to deliver stuff while Holly and I stayed at home eating Chicken!

It was super and afterwards we enjoyed a super snooze until OTL came back!

Then it was off to the Sea Wall again to find the tide right in but no chance of a swim, it was too rough!

There's no way I'm going in that!
Holly and I spotted a couple of fishermen in the same place as yesterday, different fishermen, but same place!

I thought it would be fun to see what was in their lunch box but when I got there, no lunch, just worms!

Yuk! That is disgusting!
Still, they hadn't caught anything, so maybe the worms managed to frighten all the fish away!

I'm off to see what OTL has for dinner tonight, maybe we will be able to mug him for some nibbles, before he starts on the shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly ( Clean Butt), Miss Snowflake and Mr (Gissa Kiss) Brambles !