Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A Bumblebee Bomber!

Hi Woofers!

Guess who? Yes, it's Daisy, Holly, Miss May. Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

You know, we thought that we had the only Two Legs who used a smoke alarm as a cooking timer!

You know, we even have one in the caravan!

Maybe that's why Old Two Legs prefers a Take-a-Way when he is on holiday, less chance of being fried to a crisp!

The sky has been cloudy today and the threat of rain has been there but luckily, just wind and grey clouds!

An April Morning!
Holly and I had a close shave today, not the shave with the electric razor though!

Let me tell you.

After our morning walk we normally get to have a snooze on the bed while OTL does his cage cleaning and the ferrets get a chance of a rampage around the house. Now, to let the sniff of the TL's out, the bedroom window is left open and by the time OTL is finished the air is nice and wooferfied!

Well, today, there we were snoozing gently when there came a thunderous buzzing sound!

Holly and were up and on guard duty in a flash!

Then we spotted it, a thumping great Bumblebee and honest, it was the size of Robin!

It was all angry and buzzing like an electric drill!

I'm a good catcher of flies and they sometimes get into the house but there was noway I was getting close to that thing!

Both Holly and I stayed on the bed and woofed our tails off until OTL came is and with the help of his Indiana Jones hat, scooped the bee up and tossed it out of the window!

He is so brave sometimes!

I don't care, there was no way I was going near that buzzing bee!
Mid morning OTL went off to set up renewing the tyres on the caravan and on Friday he has an appointment!

When he came back young Eric de Ferret was getting all excited and was rattling the cage door wanting to get out again for another rampage!

OTL got fed up with Eric's cage rattling and got Eric dressed up in his harness and took him out for a run across the football field behind our house!

He just loved that, all on his own, he ran around all over the place!

OK, where is the ball?
 Lunchtime we were out again and yes, Eric was up for another run! This time Miss May was with him and the pair of them had a great time ferreting about in the grass!

No Buzzing things here!
Tomorrow we have got to get the caravan emptied of stuff  'cos OTL has got to fit a new battery, so there is going to be fun as we play in the caravan while he is working outside!

Let's hope it doesn't rain!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May. Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!