Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back down the New Park today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Today has been much better, just a little rain and loads of puddles! So if we didn't get wet in the rain, then the grass managed to wash our tummies as we were chasing things!

We were out first thing with Old Two Legs and as normal, he was waving his camera around trying to look as though he knows what he is doing! We spotted a picture that looked like fun, so we told him to take the picture and just where to stand when he took it. Have a look and tell us what you can see!

Sneaky or Wot!
Yes, you guessed! It's a Power Station hiding in the back garden!

Holly thought that was great fun and kept on making jokes about it all morning!

That was not the only thing we did on our walk. You know how interested Holly is in all the bird life in our area, well, she spotted some ducks and stuff that had been hanging about for a few days. So she ticked them off in her 'I-Spy Bird Book'.

She told me she had seen a Canada Goose like the one that Michael had seen in his pond and she got OTL to take a picture so we can compare our one with his blog!

Holly's Canada Goose that will taste like Chicken!
In the afternoon, we went out with OTL and ended up at the New Park, which was great 'cos we haven't been there for ages. There were loads of new sniffs and a few new doggy sniffs, so we reckon Santa must have brought a few with him at Christmas!

Look, here's another sniff!
It was good chasing about and we played a joke on OTL. When we got near to the swimming hole, Holly said I should pretend I was going in for a swim! So, when we got there, I jumped up onto the rocks and made like I was going to do my 'Super Flying Dive'.

OTL went potty! Jumping up and down, steam coming out of his ears, shouting NO! NO!

I mean, just how crazy does he think we are? Who on earth would want a swim in this weather!

Can I go Swimming?

We said Happy New Year to a few of the lads we had met before and a few that were new to us.

Happy New Year!
Then we said Happy New Year to The Watchers, 'cos they are in charge and you got to be respectful and especially not have a pee up their legs!

Happy New Year Mr & Mrs Watcher!
We met up with Sparky and had a terrific game of 'Chase', there was no way he could keep up with me and my cornering left him all sort of lost and nowhere to go!

Can't Catch Me!
By the time we got back to the car Holly and I were two tired little puppy's and we slept most of the way home!

Me looking the 'Super Puppy' of the day!
We had liver this evening and of course, we managed to mug OTL for a nibble of his diner as well!

So, we are off for a snooze before going to bed, after OTL hands over a nibble of shortbread!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly