Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Day After The Party!

Morning Woofers!

We are back, just, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

This morning we are a little 'Delicate', you see we had a great party last night, we all brought loads of nibbles and shared them around. Holly was piggin' out on the Ferret Bits and Mr Brambles was having a great time with the Rawhide Chews! I was well into the Ferret Kibble, tastes Great!

Snowflake went around dipping into everything! Mr Brambles was trying to copy Holly and me as we did our 'Line Dancing' routine. In the end he gave up and showed us 'Break Dancing Moves' which was dead impressive! I didn't know a ferret could get into those moves! Snowflake did a little 'Tap Dancing' using all four paws at the same time!

We spent a long time singing songs and telling jokes and Snowflake told us about her previous home and said that she was happy there but living with us was even better and warmer and tick free!

This morning we were all late in getting up, except The Missus, but she had an idea for a card, well that's her excuse!

Our morning stroll was a bit slower than normal 'cos we all were tired and worn out!

It's Just Too Early!
 Snowflake tried to get Old Two Legs to pick her up but he said she needed a bit of exercise to help get rid of last nights 'Nibbles' and she could also do with the wind in her fur!

Pick me up Daddy!
 We met up with Oscar and Max who wished Snowflake a Happy Birthday and they got put on their leads 'cos they wanted to stay and have a run around!

When we got to the steps up to the Sea Wall we heard a dog barking in the distance and the ferrets were a bit cautious about crossing the path!

OK, on the count of three we go!
 On the grass path we came across a super sniff that we all joined in investigating and in the end we all decided it was Badger Wee. Not that the ferrets had sniffed Badger Wee before but Holly said she remembers the sniff from the holiday we spent in Norfolk and all the Badger sniffs we found then!

Well, I reckon it's Badger Wee and it was last night!
OTL got an email telling him the Rat Trap is on its way, so we should see the Big Rat Hunt start soon.

Mr Brambles is going to take bets on how long it takes for OTL to catch the rat. I reckon he will do it in one night but Holly says it will take a week. Snowflake is not too sure 'cos she has experience of the shed and whats underneath!

Holly has been keeping a watch out from the sofa and says that she has seen it a couple of times, but only during the day!

We will keep you informed!

Lunch time and we were ready for another stroll along the Sea Wall.This time OTL took his Infrared Camera Thingy Wossit and was playing about with the light being reflected off things, like, Southend!

An Infrared Southend on Sea!
 Next he tried the breakwater that was covered with sea weed that looked really strange when you consider it was reflecting sun light!

Infrared Sea Weed!
 Of course, he just had to try a 'Moving Subject' and Holly got the honor this time, Smile Miss Holly?

Eye See You!
 Back home to a snooze on the sofa and listen to Holly grumble about me getting too near her chew, as if I'd do something like that, on purpose!

See you tomorrow and we have got a tree surgeon arriving on Monday to advise on our arboreal problem!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles