Tuesday, 7 January 2014

It's Wet Again!

Hello Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Poor Holly has got a tummy upset and has been eating grass. Old Two Legs has been washing her backside 'cos she was a bit poo'y! She is spending most of the day on the sofa feeling sorry for herself. Maybe next time she will leave the Rabbit Poo alone!

This morning we left the ferrets behind again 'cos it was too wet on the ground and would you believe it, as soon as we got out of the car, it started to rain!

OTL went back to the car and left the camera under the seat 'cos he didn't want to get the camera wet!

Holly and I went off to look for some fresh grass to eat and OTL got chatting to Barney's owner. Barney was mostly interested in chasing a ball and not eating grass, so we let him get on with it and carried on chomping!

Back home Holly took up her position on the sofa and I crashed out under the desk 'cos it is nice and warm and cosy and I can watch the ferrets rushing backwards and forwards to the Poo Pot!

OTL has been busy on the computer getting everything ready for the accountant, something to do with VAT, what ever that is?

Our lunchtime walk was fun, we heard a big load of woofin' and stood waiting till we saw who it was!

OK, Whossat Woofin'?
It wasn't long before we met up with Bella who just loves OTL and she is always woofing at everyone. It's not that she is showing off or anything like that, it's because she wants you to throw the ball, which she doesn't have 'cos she is always loosing it!

OK, Who's Got Me Ball!
We had a little run and a chase but we have to be careful of Bella 'cos she gets a bit rough sometimes and she is a lot heaver than us!

Mind you, she had a shout at OTL 'cos she thought he may have a ball and maybe he could donate it to Bella's ball collection!

Come on, you must have a ball for me?
You know I could swear she showed off when OTL said 'No'!

Back home to an afternoon of snoozing and listening to The Missus telling OTL that she may be doing some demonstrations of Glue Pot Slapping at the Ally Pally Show in April! It's a good job we don't have to attend, too much Glitter floating about!

Mind you, she did say something about taking the ferrets to act as 'Crowd Controllers'!

Yeah! Right! More like Crowd Eaters!

Talking of ferrets, OTL was saying that the ferrets will have to go out for a walk soon 'cos they are going 'Stir Crazy' being stuck in the office all day. You know, Mr Brambles deliberately did a Poo on the carpet, twice, instead of using the Poo Pot! He rushed into the corner, lifted his tail to have a poo and OTL spotted him, rushed over, picked him up, put him back on the poo pot in the cage.

Mr Brambles gave OTL the 'Ferret Stare' rushed out of the cage, back to the corner and did a poo before OTL could stop him!

What was worse, he did it twice!

OTL says ferrets do that if they don't get a good run out!

It's a good job us doggies don't do that, well, not on purpose!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr 'Poo'y' Brambles.