Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Truly Lazy Sunday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you on a fine sunny Sunday.

We have had a Lazy Day today, we sort of went to bed late last night and had a game with Old Two Legs. It sort of goes like this, 'OK you two, into bed and no woofing' we get into bed, Holly carries her carrot and as soon as she is in bed, she woofs. Then she grumbles and gives a little woof. OTL says 'OK that's enough, sleep!'

We pretend to go to sleep and while he is getting ready for bed, we jump up and have a run around chasing each other, then up stairs and onto the bed, wake The Missus up by jumping on her then down stairs for another run around.

OTL joins in the fun by chasing us and threatening to unscrew our tails and other pretend 'Terrible' things!

So, by the time we decide to go to bed, it's late and we over sleep in the morning, which is what happened to us!

After breakfast we had our snooze in with OTL who was messing about with his camera trying some new process to take pictures of small things like flies or bugs. Trouble is, he couldn't find any bugs, so he is trying to take pictures of a small bit of mud Holly had on her coat.

Some one really needs to have a chat with OTL, taking pictures of mud lumps!

Lunch time we went down to the Sea Wall for a run, we watched as the tide came in again pushing loads of grubby looking foam ahead of it.

Incoming Tide with Foam!
OTL kept us on the grass 'cos if we were allowed onto the beach we would be tempted to have a paddle in the mud!

We spent the afternoon snoozing on the sofa after a super lunch of chicken. Mid snooze, Holly decided to woof at some birds in the garden, which started Buster, who lives next door, barking his head off as well, which then woke up the doggy a couple of gardens away who went bonkers with the woofing that started his owner to shout at him to keep quiet that woke the baby up next door to them!

I told Holly to come back in before she woke the whole neighbourhood woke up!

So, we are off to an early night 'cos OTL says he is tired and TM says if we start 'our games' then we will be spending the night in the shed fighting the spiders!

Ooo! she can be hard sometimes!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly.

P.S. Hi Max, congratulations on the four day of house training, better than us and your only nine weeks old!

Holly still has a little wee if she gets too excited and she in nearly two years old!

Guess what? Your bed is the same one as mine and Holly's we both have giant paw prints on ours. They are super comfortable and we do enjoy a good wriggle and roll onto our back and have a super snooze!

The cushion is great for hiding chews and carrots!