Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to Work, but not for us!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Well, after all the fuss and bother, Christmas is over and it's back to work again!

Well, it may be for you but us woofers, life goes on as normal, you know, eating, sleeping, wee'ing and poo'ing and watching to world go by doing what it wants!

Old Two Legs was back to work as well, well as much as he does work! Being sort of 'Half Retired' he does some stuff and then plays about on the computer but we don't think it's real work!

We headed off for The Beach but Miss Snowflake asked to be put down 'cos she had been drinking too much milk this morning and needed a quick wee before getting to the beach!

Mind you, she did have some of Brambles milk, so she had a full bladder!

Ooooooo! That's Better!
 We all had a laugh at the noise she was making, anyone would think she had never wee'd this morning!

Watch It!
Down on the beach Mr Brambles couldn't find his 'Wee'ing Stone' and got in a bit of a panic, that was until we told him he was standing on it!

It's under your paws!
 We also noticed that Mr Brambles has been putting on a lot of weight 'cos his tummy has got so big we reckon he could explode!

Snowflake says that it is a 'Ferret Thing' and quite normal for the males to put on weight to make it thought the Winter and also to look all big and strong and ready for the Spring when little ferrets are made!

Mind you, it doesn't help when he wants to climb up concrete steps!

I shouldn't have eaten that second helping!
 Funny thing was, Miss Snowflake was having just as much trouble getting up the step as well!

I'm not fat, it's just that my legs aren't long enough!
Back home it was off to rest after our Lambs Heart while OTL was busy pounding away on the computer!

Lunch time we were back down to the beach  and we were surprised to see that there was almost no waves at all, nearly flat!

Wot? No Waves!
Holly and I had a race along the Sea Wall, jumping over the breakwaters or running up and down the steps!

A Fast Trot!
 In the afternoon we had to stay at home while OTL was out delivering stuff and Holly got the pickle in her and was chasing around with an old chew she had found!

So, not a lot of excitement today, but we have the pleasure of watching everyone heading off to work while we snuggled down into a super soft cushion!

We have just heard OTL making an appointment with the vets for Snowflake, it is time she had her Distemper Boosted Injection.

Rather her than me!

See you tomorrow Woofers!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles