Friday, 21 June 2013

It's the First Day Of Summer and OTL's been Crying Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

What a day!

First of all, did you know it's the First Day Of Summer today?

That means it is going to be sun shine and balmy breezes all day long and OTL will be sneezing even more, until September!

We were out a bit later than normal, you see we forgot to give Old Two Legs his early morning ear licking, so, he didn't wake up until seven! Even Snowflake was beginning to wonder what was wrong!

She just can't get out of bed without her morning slurp of Ferretone!

We were off down to the Sea Wall and when we got there, instead of turning left, our normal route, OTL turned right!

Not wishing to be seen to be confused, we turned right as well and legged it down the path to see if there were and rabbits dining 'Alfresco', they weren't, so we just had to carry on walking!

It was soon obvious why OTL had come this way!

Yesterday he had spotted another 'Local' version of the Goats Beard plant. This one is the 'Native sub species' and is a bit smaller than the Purple coloured one which is really a Mediterranean import!

Tragopogon pratensis ssp minor
 OTL says that when the seed pods develop, he is going to take a couple of pods from each of the plants for planting in our 'Wild Flower Patch' he is preparing at the back of the garden. At the moment he is trying to get rid of all the 'Wild Weeds' by putting down a sheet of plastic so it hopefully will be 'Virgin Soil' ready for the seeds he hopes to plant next March time.

As Holly says, 'I don't mind what a Pee over, weeds, wild flowers or plastic sheets, just as long as I can Pee'!

The sea was calm and an 'Incoming Tide' so I decided to have a paddle. Holly, being the non swimming wimp she is, just stood on the shore shouting that a shark was chasing me, as if!

Shark! Shark!
 Not that I believed her for one moment!

Fooled You!
I was going to get out anyway!

Wot Sand?
Holly ran up the beach and started to dig a hole and of course getting sand all over her nose. I said she looked a real twit with sand all over her chops!

That's when the fight started!

Not that OTL was interested, he was trying to get a photo of a Meadow Buttercup with an insect on it!

Ranunculus acris   Meadow Buttercup
 What ever turns you on!
As we got closer to the car park, Holly and I shot off into the grass to see if there were any rabbits out but as before, nothing.

We heard OTL whistling for us so we wandered back to the car and on the way spotted the Bin Men having their morning break!

Hello Mr Bin Man!
We didn't go straight home, instead OTL went to pick up some new keys for the caravan 'cos he lost his up in Scotland somewhere! Two new sets cost him a fortune! He came out sobbing hysterically and clutching his wallet to his chest!

That will teach him to be more careful next time!

You know, it was a full five minutes before he could drive off, what with him sobbing and the hay fever making him sneeze!

Back at the office, Snowflake tried to cheer him up by loaning him one of her squeaky toys and insisted on putting it in his boot for safe keeping!

This will cheer him up, it always does for me!
 Lunchtime walk was fun as well, we went the 'Wrong way around' again! I think OTL is still suffering from giving away all that money!

He spotted a Bumblebee slurping away on some clover flowers and nearly got a full side shot. Well he would have done had Holly not pushed past and scared the bee off!

Look on the bright side, tomorrow is Saturday! Loads of sunshine, food and shortbread! Well, that's what we have told OTL but he is still whimpering!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake