Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Busy, Busy!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you after a busy day today!

We woke up late this morning, Holly was fast asleep, even after Old Two Legs got out of bed!

I don't know why she was so tired, she spent last night sleeping on the chair with OTL, then she bagged the best spot for and 'After Wake Up Snooze'!

Snoozing as an Art Form!
 And, after all that, she said that she really didn't feel like going for a walk first thing 'cos she didn't have any energy!

OTL insisted, so she struggled out of the duvet and just managed to get downstairs before OTL sent The Missus up to sort her out!

Down on The Sea Wall we watched a ship go by, heading for the docks. On the side was writing saying that it was Sea Cargo. Now don't get me wrong, but what else  could it have been? I mean, you wouldn't put 'Train Cargo' on the side of a ship would you?
What about Road Cargo going by Sea?
 Holly was telling a story about meeting up with a big fox when she was a small puppy and being a bit scared 'cos it was about five feet tall and it had a big mouth full of very sharp teeth!

Just as she got to the part about the teeth, there was a rustling in the grass and we both stopped and at the same time said 'Wossat?'

I was still a bit nervous even after we saw a pigeon fly up from the grass and I kept looking back to see if anything was following us!

Well, you can't be too careful!
We met up with Sally, we had met her a couple of times before but have never stopped for a chat. This time she was looking out to sea and staring very hard at the water. We thought there was some thing wrong and asked if we could help. 'Well young ladies', she said, 'I lost my ball here last year and I'm looking to see if it is floating on the water'

Holly and I said we couldn't see it and hurried off. We only just made it around the corner before we both burst out laughing!

I lost it over there!
As we got closer to the car, we spotted this very old dog having a sniff. She was a bit shaky on her legs so we didn't rush over to her. Another reason was that she had a big yellow balloon tied to her collar. OTL asked her owner if it was her birthday but they said that she was deaf and it was a good way of keeping track of her. They also said that she was twenty one years old, which in doggy years is very very old!

Lady, twenty one years old!

Back home and next OTL was off doing the rounds with his customers and he didn't get back until late.

Snowflake was telling us some stories about hunting rabbits, 'cos she knows we like chasing them.

She told us how she would sneak through the undergrowth and make sure she was 'Down Wind' of the rabbits.

You creep slowly through the undergrowth!
Then, as you get closer, you get right down onto your tummy and move forward by dragging your body along the ground with just your claws.

It is only when you are less than a couple of feet away from the rabbit, you jump up, run over and sink your teeth into the rabbits bottom!

Jus' Like This!
Snowflake says that the rabbits think it great fun 'cos they think they are so good and spotting anyone creeping up on them, especially clumsy dogs like us!

We thought that was a great tale and then Snowflake told us about this morning when OTL let her out of Snowy Heights. First thing in the morning, OTL clears out Snowy Heights and gets rid of the poo an stuff. While he's doing that Snowflake has a run around the office exploring any new places she can find and then she tries to get OTL to have a game with her.

The way a ferret invites you to play is to do a 'War Dance' then rush up and nip you. Well. it works with other ferrets but OTL's skin is a bit softer than a ferrets and he always ends up with loosing some more blood.

At least now he can make out the difference between a playful nip and an annoyed nippy sort of bite.

A playful nip only leaves two puncture holes but a bite leaves four!

Snowflake in the middle of a 'War Dance'!

OTL says that he would prefer Snowflake uses her tongue rather than her teeth but as Snowflake points out, 'I just get Carried Away'!

Come On, Have a Game!

Another game that Snowflake loves is finding places to crawl into and wriggle along until she falls out the other end. A bit like a rabbit hole or a rats nest!

Now, OTL's trousers seem to fit that description and a few times she has got as far as his shin before deciding that her claws won't dig into flesh like they can on socks, so she backs out!

OTL, being a sneaky Two Legs, has found the perfect protection against this attack by Snowflake!

Curses! Foiled Again by OTL!
See you tomorrow and claws crossed for Snowflake and lets hope her tummy is not too sore!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (How do I get down the top of his trousers?)