Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It's Squirrel Time again and Snowflake finds a New Game!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

What a super day today, not so sunny as yesterday but you can still smell Spring in the air and there was no rain, well, not on us any way!

This morning we went in to say 'Good Morning to Snowflake and found her trying to negotiate her way around a disaster area in the bottom of her house!

There was water and cat litter and ferret poo all over the place!

He bed was upside down and the ladder had buried it's self into her poo tray!

We wanted to know what had happened and she said that last night she had a bad dream in which she was fighting an enormous Ninja Rabbit and she only woke up when her water bowl sloshed water all over her!

It did look a mess!

Never mind, Old Two Legs gave her a cuddle and a slurp of Ferritone and she was  as right as rain!

While she was out having a run around the office, OTL cleared up Snowy Heights and put it all back together again. Meanwhile, Snowflake had found a brand new game to play.

It's called 'Digging in a Bag', well that's what she calls it!

I've got tons of stuff to dig in here!
She had climbed into the bag of 'Cat Litter' that OTL puts in her Poo Tray and spent some time digging big holes, throwing the wood chippings all over the place!

I suppose it is a bit like us digging in the sand!

When we got down to The Sea Wall it was all misty and the tide was on it's way out. It looked all dangerous and muddy, so we stayed close to OTL, until he got the ball out!

Misty, Muddy and Dangerous!
  Even looking towards Sheerness it was still looking misty!

Still looks Dangerous to us!
 Back home we had Lambs Liver for breakfast and Holly scoffed all her as a celebration for loosing so much weight. I asked if the celebration feast had put it all back on again but she seemed not to hear me and carried on chomping away, nose down and tail up!

Our lunchtime walk was a little late but it didn't matter 'cos we ended up 'Squirrel Hunting' down the The Forest and as normal, we only saw one and that was disappearing fast into the undergrowth!

We gave chase but soon gave up!

Holly made up for it though, she kept on stopping on top of fallen trees, wiggling her behind and asking if her backside looked slimmer!

Just take a look at this Butt!
I don't think we are going to hear much else until the next time she gets onto those scales!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake