Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Never Ending Battle with Old Two Legs!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Wot a 'Hot Day' today! We went for our normal walk along the sea Wall and we didn't see anyone or any thing! 

Out to sea there were no ships.

We See No Ships!

So we had a walk on the beach and then the sea wall path and.........Nuffin!

We Still See Nuffin!
The only excitement was when Holly saw a rabbit under the bushes and started her run up.

Getting Closer!
She was almost up to the rabbit before it decided that it may be a good thing to go back to bed!

Nearly There!
One day Holly will get to the rabbit, but then what? Will she just stop and say Good Morning?

Old Two Legs gave me a brush this morning and as I lay on my side with him gently brushing my shoulder and side all the way down to my tail, I slowly closed my eyes and sort of drifted off, as I normally do.

Then my whiskers began to twitch, something was not right, I opened my eye to see Old Two Legs holding the bottle of eye drops in his other hand!

That was it!

I was all awake and on guard, no eye drops for me, nasty things!

Then OTL put the bottle down and picked me gently up in his arms and carried me upstairs. This is a bit strange 'cos after a brush I normally get breakfast.

I was put down on the bed and covered over with the duvet, then rolled over twice!

Wrapped up in the duvet, with just my head sticking out, The Missus appeared and squirted some drops into my eye!

Sneaky SNeaky SNEAKY OTL!

Mine you, my eye is not as sore as it was, but that's no excuse!

To try and get on my good side, OTL took Holly and me to The New Park, great fun in the Swimming Hole. 

Nearly Got It!
I nearly lost my ball, until a big old Labrador came and got it for me!

Hey! Get Me Ball Mister?

We saw a mallard mother with her youngsters paddling about in the swimming hole and one dog got too close, so she attacked him!

A Dive Bombing Mummy Mallard!
Baby Mallard doing a Fast Exit!
While she was doing that her ducklings sort of ran on top of the water to get away from danger, I wish I could do that! Especially when OTL wants to put drops in my eye!

We could have some more fun tonight when he gets the drops out!

I'll let you know tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly