Thursday, 8 August 2013

Miss Snowflake & Mr Brambles try walking together and OTL grows a Ferret Moustache!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day!

To start off, Holly wasn't feeling too good yesterday evening, she said it was the heat and it just took all her energy. So that was a good excuse to snooze the evening away!

Old Pongy Chops (Old Two Legs) got back late but said that he had finished all the work and he didn't have to go back!

Oh Yeah? He got a call first thing this morning 'cos one radio wasn't working properly, so he has to go down there this afternoon!

But, back to this morning.

The very expensive 'Tandem Coupler' coupler arrived yesterday and OTL said he would give it a try today!

The Missus was all up for this and even brought her camera along as well to record the fun and games!

Well, as predicted, one ferret wanted to go one way and the other wanted to stay still and in the end the 'Tandem Coupler' got all tangled up and there were ferrets all over the place!

Mr Brambles was getting cross with Miss Snowflake who wanted to go back and Miss Snowflake was getting cross with Mr Brambles 'cos he wanted to go into the grass and OTL was getting cross with everyone!
No, This Way!
In the end, OTL put them both on separate leads and they then went off doing their own thing while OTL was getting all confused in the middle!

Situation Normal!

This is Better!
Mr Brambles had great fun doing his 'Big Game Hunter' trick of hiding in the grass and shouting BOO!

He thought that was super fun and kept doing that all the way down to the beach. OTL and Miss Snowflake thought it was funny to begin with but after fifty times the joke wore a little thin!

In the end OTL picked up Mr Brambles and Snowflake, just so he could make some progress!

We're all going OTL's Way!
Now it's OK to get carried some times 'cos it helps you save a bit of energy for digging holes on the beach but it got all embarrassing when OTL held both ferrets up to his nose and asked us if a Ferret Moustache would look good on him.

Ferret Moustache anyone?
There are some things just too horrible to contemplate and that is one of them!

Both ferrets went back to sniffin' and Holly and I joined in but what interests a ferret doesn't always turn us on!

Mmmmm! Mouses or maybe a vole?
Holly thought it was a good idea to have a paddle in the cool mud but TM was too close and so decided to just have a sniff rather than sit down in it!

To Sniff, or Not to Sniff, That is the question!
 On the way back to the car we met up with Barney, we hadn't seen him for some time and it was good to catch up on all the news!

Barney was interested in Mr Brambles and even asked OTL if he could have a game with him!

Go On! You throw him and I'll go and fetch him back!
 OTL said that Barney should stick to fetching balls!

When we got back to the car, we were all hot and thirsty, Miss Snowflake got to the water bowl first.

Oh! That's Better!
 Then I had a drink, then Mr Brambles had a good drink and a wash of his whiskers as well.

Holly was sitting on the centre consul of the car looking back at the ferrets and she was having a good old grumble, it went something like this,


Mr Brambles said he was sorry and got out of the water bowl but Holly wouldn't go near it until Mr Brambles was put back into the travelling cage together with Miss Snowflake!

She maybe a potty puppy but she's not that daft!

Back home to breakfast and a snooze, which we all needed, both ferrets were exhausted after their run.

The only thing that would get me out of bed is a BIG bottle of Ferretone!
 Mr Brambles said you could keep the Ferretone until later, he needed a good long snooze!

Gone Man, Solid Gone!
Well that's about all today, at lunch time OTL was off to do a radio and we got a walk with TM at lunch time.

So we are now waiting for OTL to come back and get our 'Big Puppy Welcome' type greeting. That's where he gets on his knees, removes his glasses and then opens the door and we are then all over him!

Great Fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.