Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wet, Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

It has been another of those wet and damp days!

This morning we went out for our normal walk and left home without our rain coats. Not a very good idea as it turned out, as soon as we got to the car park, it started to rain, not very much but enough to make us a bit damp.

The ferrets were tucked up in their carry bag and even Mr Brambles kept his nose 'Below the Top of the Bag'!

That was until we got to the beach, then it stopped raining and Mr Brambles was out like a shot!

Miss Snowflake was a little slower but that's not unusual!

Down on the beach, the tide had washed all the cockle shells up to the top of the beach and when it couldn't wash them any further, it piled them up one on top of each other. Now this left a sort of cliff where it went from sand up to shells. Normally this is a gentle slope but today it was more like a mountain to the ferrets!

Miss Snowflake had been doing some reading about 'Plate Tectonics' and said that it could be Subduction or a Fault Line!

Yes, after some study I think it maybe Subduction!
 Holly and I were a bit confused, we had never heard of the Sheerness Fault Line!

Why can't it be the Grain Fault Line?
 What ever it was, it took a little time before the pair of them could climb up to the top, in fact it was a bit of a scramble!

Come on Girl, Keep Going!
 Of course, once they had climbed it, Miss Snowflake went of sniffin' the Sea Wall while Mr Brambles dug another hole!

We were disturbed by a Spaniel standing on the Sea Wall and woofing at us all. Well, I think he was woofing at the ferrets and Miss Snowflake had run up to Old Two Legs to be picked up while Mr Brambles stood next to me and asked me if I'll 'Sort out the Woofer'!

I said that he was OK and both Holly and I woofed and told the Spaniel to 'Woof Off' and stop scaring Our Family!

Don't worry, we'll sort it!
 Mr Brambles was dead impress when the woofer headed off and left us alone!

Back home OTL was doing his morning chores by cleaning out the ferret house and normally I am kept out of the office 'cos the ferrets are given the run of the place while OTL does his stuff.

Today he came up with a super idea, my cushion was put up on the work surface and then me plonked on top! Right On OTL! That's me sorted, safe, and the ferrets can do what they want on the floor!

All safe and sound!
 The rest of the day was Yuk! It rained and it rained and even when we were dragged out at lunch time it was still raining and we got wet and you know what?

We didn't even do a wee!

Let's hope there is a break in the weather before we go to bed or we may be getting OTL up in the middle of the night to let us out!

OTL has finally managed to up load some new pictures to his Photo Site, the system kept shutting down, we reckon it's the rain that is causing the problem! you can find his stuff on

See you tomorrow Woofers!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles Still Impressed!)