Saturday, 25 August 2012

In The Poo, Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly (Rabbit Hunters in The Poo again!) here!

We had such a lovely day today, it started off with us meeting an old granny sheep dog who was walking on our private beach. She said it was such a shame that the sheep were allowed to poo everywhere but we had to have ours picked up!

She said that in all her working life she had found that sheep are basically, Stupid!

This is The Whisker Twitch
They all run around panicking about nothing and if you knew the signs you could control them with just a twitch of her whisker!

We said 'good day' and wished her well and off we went looking for a stupid sheep to wiggle our whiskers at!

Old Two Legs had been instructed by The Missus to get a picture of an old tin shed on the beach. OTL said it was called a 'Commission' but we knew it was 'Instructions!'

Seems TM wants OTL to do some magic with his computer program and make it all 'Arty' for her cards or summat!

TM's Tin Shed!
We went out with OTL and TM, down to the beaches we were at yesterday, Holly and I thought it was going to be a Rabbit Chasing Day but when we got there, we were clipped onto our leads and taken down the beach to the waters edge.

A Beach Just Right For Paddling?
TM was saying that we should be let off our leads 'cos we are good girls and only wanted to play in the sea.

Yer! Right!

OTL unclipped the lead and I was gone, not towards the sea, do you think I'm stupid?

Hey Bunnies, I'm Back!
There I was, rushing from hole to hole checking out the newest rabbit sniffs, trying to decide what hole to go down first.

There's Thousands Up Here!
I even went up on top of the cliffs and checked out the field, there were thousands of bunnies in there, I mean, I reckon I could run from one side of the field to the other without touching the ground!

I could go Body Surfing!
Holly just had to sit and watch me scampering about and when she asked TM if she could be let off , TM said 'In Your Dreams!'

Holly said that she fancied doing some 'Body Surfing' but OTL and TM didn't believe her!

Just right for Body Surfing!
On our way out I spotted a super sniffin Rabbit Hole and took a quick dive for the hole, I had me lead on so OTL was not too worried if the hole collapses 'cos he could drag me out!

Me and my Safety Harness.
He didn't let me get too far in, just up to my tail and that was it!

We did have some fun on the way out, remember the 'Sheep Stopper?' Well, OTL just flies through the gap but with Holly pulling on the lead, poor TM has a bit of a job judging the gap, just when OTL was taking a picture!

TM Stopper?
We think OTL will be in trouble when TM sees this one!

It will make a change from us being in trouble!

Back home to the caravan we went and OTL stopped at the Bruichladdich Distillery on the way, 'cos he was running short!

He is getting too fond of that Malt Whisky!

We have just had our chicken dinner and are about to settle down to some serious snoozing before OTL gets the shortbread out.

It's a hard life being a puppy in this household!

See you tomorrow, we are packing up tomorrow and getting ready for the early ferry on Monday!

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy & Mac Holly