Sunday, 30 January 2011

We went to School!


Daisy & Holly back again!

We went to school today! Old Two Legs had to do some work at a big school close to us and we went into the big office to help him.

Well, what we did was to have a snooze in our day bed that OTL had brought with us, then, after that, we ran around the office chasing each other through the desks and chairs. It was great fun dodging in and out of the paper bins as well. Holly knocked a couple over!

After we left the school we decided that we don't really need to go back, I mean, they never actually taught us anything, so, we will leave it for the children and we will stick to important things like chasing foxes and badgers!

We travelled from the school straight to the New Park and we spotted some sheep in a field, so Holly and me discussed how we would round them all up, just like big sheep dogs!

Look, Sheep!
Holly said it would be fun being a sheep dog for a day or two but not full time. She prefers being a guard dog, not so much running around!

While having a sniff, we did not see that Grumpy dog creep up on us, you know, that one Holly asked if her face hurt!

She made us jump and we weren't sure what she was going to do, but this time all she said was 'Hello young girls' so, that did not sound as though she was going to box our ears!

We shared a sniff or two with her and Holly asked where she came from, Gravesend, she said, no said Holy, your ancestors!

Well she told us she was a  Chinese Shar-Pei and that China was a long way away and that her breed was used to keep bears away from the sheep, which was a change from wolves and foxes. She must be doing a good job, 'cos we haven't seen any bears in the park, ever!

Chinese Shar-Pei
She said that Bears lived in caves and cracks in the rocks and you couldn't be too careful when sniffing around rocks and stuff. She showed us how to sniff for bears, it was sort of similar to sniffing for Badgers and foxes, but you have to be more careful 'cos bears have sharp claws and are very grumpy if you wake them up!

Bear Hunting!

Holly and I left her to hunt bears and ran after OTL because it was getting a little cold. Our fur keeps us warm but a cold wind can certainly put a chill up our tail!

Back home for a snooze before The Missus gets back from her Crop, you know, all day to make just one card!

I don't know about her cards but the mess she makes with bits of paper all over the place, we reckon she should have made a hundred cards!

See you tomorrow, bye bye for now.

Daisy & Holly