Monday, 10 September 2018

Getting Ready for the Highlands!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret back again.

Hey now, did you read yesterday about Archie Babe and the pickled onion?

Now we know he is a bit of a guts as far as food is concerned. We well remember him staying with us for a day and nearly clearing us out of Nosh and Home!

But, A Pickled Onion?

I mean, didn't he even sniff it first? I mean they must be the most foul sniffing or tasting thing next to a Nargels Poo!

We would have thrown it back up before it reached our tummy!

The only redeeming feature is the fact the vet didn't charge for the inspection and consultation!

Down here they would have robbed Old Two Legs till his wallet had a heart attack!

This morning the sun was up but we managed to grab a shot which OTL reckons shows up the reflections on the mud.

Mud reflecting?

Reflecting or reflective mud?
Eric de Ferret came out with us 'cos Miss May was still asleep, tucked up inside a super warm blanket!

Mind you, that ferret bag is just right when the frost is around or the winter wind is blowing!

Wake me when we get there!
Eric had some fun pretending that he could sniff Nargles in the weeds, mind you, we didn't see any or even got a sniff!

It's not a weasel, so it must be a Nargle!
Back home OTL spent some time in and around the caravan. Holly came out with him and helped him check all the cupboards and drawers for any scoff left behind.

We couldn't find anything wrong and The Missus had already been out checking the hot water and the heating was working 'cos we reckon that it may just be a little chilly where we are going, being on the West Highland coast and all!

After that was all done we headed off to the Sea Shore and I was pleased to see the tide was in. I wasn't too pleased when OTL put the lead on me, just to stop me from diving into the water for a splash about!

The ferrets got out of the bag and were having a sniff looking for Nargles and other beasties!

I could do with some ferret sized steps here!
While the ferrets were having a sniff Holly sat on the sea wall waiting for everyone to catch up with her!

No, I will NOT be having a dip while I am waiting, thank you very much!
Young Monty thinks that Holly Chops is wonderful and is always following her around sniffing the sniffs she finds. Unlike Eric who just seems to want to pick a fight with us! One day Holly will bite his tail when he nips her back leg!

He won't sit down for a week!

Can I have a sniff Holly, after you of course!
Holly doesn't mind Monty and Wendy walking beside her but gets very wary when Eric chases her!

We got chicken waiting for us tonight, so just for once, we got some good scoff, mind you, there are no pickled onions in the bowl!

See you all tomorrow.

Just remembered, OTL has the dentist tomorrow, the final bit of drilling and poking about, so, he should be ready for the holiday and if he gets any pain, then some pills or a bottle of malt whisky should sort him out.

I know what he would prefer!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret.