Friday, 20 December 2013

We should be fit for Christmas!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Last night was not a good night for Old Two Legs, first of all his cold had been getting worse all day and by the time he went to bed he was really bad! About one thirty, Holly did her 'I Wanna Wee' woof and got him out of bed! After the visit to the garden it was Back to Bed, but OTL and us doggies couldn't get back to sleep. It wasn't that we weren't tired, it was The Missus snoring her head off!

We all tried to make her stop, Holly sat on her head but got shoved off, I tried the old 'Wet Ear Lick' but that was greeted with a louder snort and a hand smacking me on the nose!

OTL tried the 'Gentle Shove' followed by the 'Finger Poke in The Ribs' but that was no good, then he tried the 'Pull the Pillow and Spin her Head' move, but that was just as useless! So, around three thirty there was a movement and she turned over onto her side, now that means we have just five minutes to get to sleep before she starts again!

About four thirty, Holly says that she doesn't feel too good and promptly deposits Carrot and Doggy scoff in several places, ending up in the bathroom where there is no carpet to muck up!

Well, that at least got TM to stop snoring! A bit later, about twenty to five, Holly found some more Carrot & Scoff and deposited it in the bathroom again, but this time on the shower mat!

It was not a good night!

This morning Holly was saying that it must have been something she ate last night, yeah, right, Doggy Scoff?

Just to finish it off, when we went out for our early morning walk, she was sick in the car!

The walk was great, Holly and I sniffed all the sniffs and Mr Brambles chased us along the path to the beach. No more tummy upsets for Holly and Snowflake stayed in OTL's pocket because it was Too Cold for her!

As we were dancing about on the beach, Max & Oscar trotted by together with an old Bozo Labrador.

We were just tickled pink seeing the coat Oscar had on, it was an all in one, zip up the front jacket that made him look like he had a 'Jump Suit' on!

Holly and I were rolling on the ground laughing our tails off, it was sooooo funny! 

Well, at least my tummy is warm!
 Both ferrets said that he looked like a Big Jessie and does he have a part time job opening doors!

We headed for home, still laughing about Oscars jacket and I said I wouldn't be seen dead in one and Holly said it would make her look fat, as if!

Back home to Chicken breakfast and Holly shovelled it down in no time. I left it for a while 'cos I wanted to catch up on my sleep!

It was a little later that Holly met up with the chicken again, she's not having much luck! We have decided that she will have nothing but water for the rest of the day, just until her tummy settles down!

We had a slow walk at lunch time, mainly because both OTL and Holly just didn't feel like charging about. So I made up for the pair of them running around in circles and woofing at the Bozo's down on the Sea Wall!

There was a strange looking ship that passed us going out to sea, OTL said that the things on top were cranes, big enough to lift Holly up!

Heavy Duty Holly Cranes!
 Holly didn't seem impressed and said that the next opportunity she gets, she will wee in OTL's boots!

Back home it was snooze time for us all, even OTL had his eyes closed while pretending to be looking at some paperwork!

I think it will be a light snackette for Miss Holly tonight, mixed with a little rice!

Let's hope her tummy settles down soon.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.