Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tired Little Puppy's

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly!

We have had a super day today. First off this morning, Old Two Legs had to do some quick work on the computer via the Internet but the WiFi on the camp site was down! Seems they were doing an upgrade that meant the whole system would be off line all day!

OTL wasn't in the best of moods!

We went out for our morning walk and OTL tried to go through the forest on the path we normally take. For some reason and even she couldn't tell us why, Holly just refused to go through the dark trees! She put her chin on the ground and stuck her tail in the air and refused to move!

Even when OTL pulled on the lead, she didn't move!

OTL walked us around a different part and even when we saw thousands of geese in the field, Holly was still a bit worried!

Christmas Goose
So, we went around the other way, through the camp site and into the forest via the path Holly knew. She was still a bit hesitant but finally agreed to walk up the wide path.

I sort of remember but I'm still not happy!
After doing our business she was pulling to get back to the caravan, strange, very strange!

The Missus had decided that she would do some card making today and told us we could all have the day to ourselves, so we piled into the car and soon were off to Snettersham.

Now, OTL knows there is a RSPB site there and we remember that there was the beach as well!

So we were all going to be happy!

are we there yet?
 Of course, all we wanted was to get onto the beach but OTL just had to keep stopping to take pictures!

.......and there was the spiders web.
Then a bit further on he had to stop again to see a Dragon Fly that 'Had been in the Wars'!

It only hurts when I flap my wings!
We stopped in one of the Bird Hides but the birds were so far away we could hardly see them!

Where have all the Birdies gone?
Holly and I sat there for ages waiting for them to come back but they stayed out on the mud!

OTL said we couldn't go out on the mud to meet them 'cos we would get all mucky, as if we would!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with M
Then while we were watching out the front, OTL spotted some Greylag Geese flying in to the ponds behind the hide!

Flaps Down Jacko!
On the way back he was at it again, but this time it was Fungi!

OTL's First Fungi of the Holiday!
When we finally got back to the caravan we were tired little puppies and headed for the bed for a snooze before dinner, OTL's dinner that is!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly